Canadian Civil War
Date 9 May 2020—23 August 2021
Location Canada, Quebec, New Brunswick, United States, Ontario (clashes)
Result Canadian victory. Canada asserts control of Quebec, leaders tried for war crimes. Quebec Civil War begins.
Flag of Quebec Quebecois Republic
  • Free Quebecois Army

Flag of Quebec Nationalist Forces

Foreign volunteers:

  • Flag of France National Front

Supported by

Flag of Canada Government of Canada
  • Canadian Army
  • Royal Canadian Air Force
  • Royal Canadian Navy
  • Canadian Special Forces

Flag of Quebec Loyalist Forces

Flag of the United States United States

  • United States Army
  • United States Air Force
  • United States Special Forces

Supported by'
Flag of the United Kingdom United Kingdom
Flag of France France
Flag of Germany Germany

Flag of Quebec Darko Aguillon

Flag of Quebec Mila Adams
Flag of Quebec Paul-Henri Aries
Flag of Quebec Jaques Affre

Flag of Canada Steven Harper

Flag of Canada Paul Hellyer
Flag of Canada Gen. Michael Smith
Flag of Canada David Gargo
Flag of the United States Hilliary Clinton
Flag of the United States Chuck Hagel
Flag of the United States Raymond Odinero
Flag of the United States Walter Roman

90,000 250,000

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