Canadian Civil War
Map showing areas controlled by Provisional Government forces in blue and Coalition Government forces in red.
Date 14 December 2015 - present
Location Canada, minor spillovers into the United States
Status Ongoing
Flag of CanadaCanada (Coalition Government)
  • CAF (pro-coalition)
  • RCMP (pro-coalition)
  • OPP
  • Aligned militias

Flag of the United StatesUnited States (strikes on NAIS)

Flag of CanadaCanada (Provisional Government)
  • CAF (pro-Harper)
  • RCMP (pro-Harper)
  • Local police forces
  • Aligned militias
Flag of JihadIslamic militants
  • NAIS
  • Al-Qaeda in North America
Flag of CanadaThomas Mulcair

Flag of CanadaJustin Trudeau Flag of CanadaYvan Blondin

Flag of CanadaStephen Harper

Flag of CanadaThomas J. Lawson

Flag of JihadOmar al-Ansar
Casualties and losses
1205 soldiers and RCMP officers, 42 militants killed 904 soldiers and RCMP officers, 28 militants killed 31 militants killed
815 Canadian civilians killed

3 American civilians killed in NAIS attack

The Canadian Civil War is an ongoing armed struggle in Canada. After the controversial 2015 Canadian Federal election, a national crisis emerged when the victorious Conservative Party was accused of electoral

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