Canadian Confederation
Nationalist Canada
National Emblem of the Canadian Confederation.

The Canadian Confederation at its greatest extent.

Population 45,179,821 (2034 Census)
Government Federal Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy
Languages English (Official)                 French (Minority)
Religions No Official Religion
Capital Ottawa
Establishment November 6, 2016 (Canadian Coup)
Currency Canadian Dollar

Canada, officially the Canadian Confederation, is a sovereign state located in North America. One of the only countries that took the outbreaks seriously at the early stages, Canada requested all Canadians to return to Canada within 168 hours, to which the borders were then shut down, and the first ever national quarantine was declared. Though a sizable outbreak occurred on Vancouver Island, Canada swiftly took care of most zombie incursions. Canada was condemned for closing its borders and not allowing American refugees into the country during the war, but Canadian leaders have always provided the same response: "We told you what would happen if you haden't taken our warnings about 'Zombies' seriously". The only other nation to implement the "Harper Plan" as it was dubbed, was "Israel", after their fears of a zombie threat was confirmed.

Canada wasn't without conflict however. Quebec declared independence on January 15, 2016 without a majority vote. The Canadian leadership condemned the act, but did nothing, leading to a coup by Nationalists. The Canadian-Quebecois war was a bloody conflict, but by the end of 2017, the Quebecois government was crushed and Canada asserted authority over the province. After the war, the new Canadian leadership merged the Canadian Action Party with other nationalist parties and reformed it into the "Canadian Commonwealth Party". During the chaos, Canada annexed Maine and the Juneau region of Alaska. Canada is in a state of tension with the United States due to the reversal of power in the region. Canada has been part of the "Big Four" meetings with Sicily, Russia and Turkey, leading to allegations of planning a third world war, which might not be entirely wrong.

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