République du Canada
Timeline: Scenario: Futatsuiwa of Sado
Flag of Canada
Flag of Republic of Canada
Location of Canada (Futatsuiwa of Sado)
Canada after the Vinlandian War
(and largest city)
Language Canadian English, French
Religion Buddhism, New Age Movement, Animism
Government Parliamentary Republic
Prime Minister
Currency Canadian Krone

The Republic of Canada is a nation in Vinland, and is a regional power. It had the largest economy in Vinland from 2035 until 2051, when Mexico surpassed Canada. It became a republic in 2064.

In 2039, Canada annexed New England after a referendum.

Canada has some influence over the former United States, along with Mexico.

Canada participated in the Vinlandian War on the side of the allies. After the war, Canada annexed Michigan from New York, and Minnesota and Wisconsin from Louisiana in the Treaty of Mexico City.

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