Canada-US War

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|name = Canada-US War
|begin = June 22, 2015
|end = August 14, 2017
|place = United States, Canada, br />|result = * Peace Treaty between United States and Canada

  • Alaska,Michigan,Minnesota,Wisconsin and Maine seeded to Canada
  • Union referendums in Washington,Oregon,Idaho,Montana,Iowa,Illinois,New York,Vermont and New Hampshire.

  • California and Texas become independent
    |side1 = Coliation
    *Flag of the United States United States
    *Flag of Mexico Mexico
    *20px Panama
    *Flag of France France
    *Flag of Germany Germany

*Flag of Japan Japan
*Flag of Korea Korea, South
*Flag of Russia Russia
*Flag of the Republic of China Taiwan (Republic of China)
|side2 = Pan-Asian Allies (Pro-US)
  • Flag of the People's Republic of China China

    *Flag of India India

    *Flag of India Indonesia
    |commanders1 = *56starflag Admiral Michael Mullen,
    *56starflag General Martin Dempsey


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