Canada-CPA Conflict
Date February 11,2016 - Present
Location Canada
Result Ongoing. CPA hiding In Quebec, Yukon and territories
Flag of Canada Ultranationalist Canada
  • UPC Forces
  • Canadian Army
  • Royal Canadian Mounted Police

56 Star Flag United States

Soviet Star Canadian People's Army
  • Her Majesty Loyal Movement
Flag of Canada Prime Minister Michael Figueroa Soviet Star Joseph Marc
30,000 UPC Troops

50,000 Canadian Army Troops

24,000 CPA Troops
Casualties and losses
3,570 7,890

The Canada-CPA, also known in Canada as the UPC-CPA, Is a ongoing armed conflict between Ultranationalist Party of Canada, along with Canadian Army, and Canadian People's Army. The conflict began when the CPA attacked several Canadian Armed Forces bases. The still weaken army was still unable to function as well. The UPC, Ultranationalist Party of Canada's own defense sector, took control Of the army and began attacking key CPA positions.

The CPA recruited members from the Canadian Loyalist, who fought the UPC Forces during the December War. The members formed a subdivision of CPA, Her Majesty Loyal Movement, who's main goal was to crush the UPC. The CPA was a formal army, the UPC and United States Government lawed them as a terriorst cell.


The Canadian People's Army was formed after the FLQ was dissolved after the October Crisis. The CPA was communist while the Canadian and American government the group as a terriorst, not much activity was done.

In the late 70s and early 80s, the CPA extended their influence towards the United States. In 1983, the organization staged on of their largest attacks, the CPA bombed the Pentagon, killing 130. The U.S. State Troopers, US Army and Federal authorities had traced and found the men responsible. They were later executed.

UPC/CPA Relationship

When the Canadian Revolution of 2015happened, both Ultranastionalist Party and the Canadian People's Army participated in the Revolution. Both groups are different. UPC is a political party, while CPA is a militaristic organization. Before Ultranastionalist Party of Canada Forces (UPC Forces) was founded, they're was no defense force protecting the party.

Attack on Canadian Army

The Canadian Army was severely weakend due to the revolution. Thus making the easy targets.

The CPA launched a major assualt against the army bases. Over 200 soldiers were killed. The CPA also stole weaponry, ammunition and armoured vehicles thus making them very strong. The UPC responded by attacking CPA milita bases, beginning the war.

Canadian Army

Coming soon.

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