California Displacement (Falco)

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On April 1st, 2026 a 9.6 magnitude Earthquake struck Southern California causing the state to be displaced from the continent or so it would seem...

First Reports of Inconsistencies 

A group now declared as a terrorist organization took April Fool's Day one step too far in 2026. 

People began questioning the story when California broke off from the US Mainland right along its exact border! No Earthquake was that perfect, the scientists declared, but the death and destruction that was apparently happening, was too great to for the critics to get their word out. The story was fake and elaborate, and yet no one was listening to them! 

How it Happened:

An anti-Government conspiracy theorist group with ties to North African dictators used virtual reality technology plus drug enhancements that forced many American’s to believe that California was now no longer connected to the country. 

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