Byrdland factory

Factory in Byrdland

is the fourth largest state in Antarctica. The governor of Byrdland is Olavi Rislakki, who is Finnish. The capital is Palmer, Byrdland. Palmer is also the largest city. The major cities are Palmer and Alexandria. 2125 demographics showed that there are 68.0% American, 17% Russian, 8% Swedish, and 7% Polish groups living in the state. Byrdland oil company Ioksimovich Oil was founded by Ivan Ioksimovich in 2018. Byrdland oil area is Maksimov, Byrdland, a very small town on the coast. It is also the most polluted state (Maksimov being the most polluted city.) Byrdland's population is 73,072. It is home to many workers, and has a great economy, but bad quality air. Byrdland uses their own freeway system similar to the Interstate system, it's called the Byrd State Freeway System (ex. B60, B160.)

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