Dates December 5, 2016 - December 12, 2016
Side One Jeb Bush
Side Two Hilary Clinton
Vote 5-4
Ruling Result In Favor of, Jeb Bush
Deciding Vote John Roberts


John E. Bush V. Hilary R. Clinton (Better Known as, Bush V. Clinton) is a,  Controversial Supreme Court Case that, occurred as a result of the, 2016 Election


Following the Proclaimed Victory of Jeb Bush, Allegations of electoral fraud were made public over the course of two weeks. Three States filed lawsuits with one accusing the Republican Party of, Changing their votes from Hilary Clinton to Jeb Bush.

The Committee for Electoral Reform, a branch of the now-old Democratic Party, released a calculation of the electoral college based on the data they gathered in regard to the popular vote. It was revealed that Clinton had won by approximately six votes. This was confirmed to be true, when scholars and experts analyzed the numbers. Both Right-wing and Left-Wing observers agreed that there was electoral fraud.


The Supreme Court chose to listen to arguments about the case on December 5, 2016. The Initial Concern was, resentment over the loss of the 2000 election. The Court felt that the Democrats had been trying to sabotage the Jeb Bush victory and that bitter resentment towards the 2000 election caused them to go to the court. Justices like Sonia Sotomayor however, felt that the Republicans were using their money and power to sway the election in their favor. The Deciding Vote would be Justice John Roberts, who despite ruling in favor of Obamacare, felt that the victory of Jeb Bush was legitimate.


The Court ruled, 5-4 in favor of Jeb Bush. The Court felt that, the Democrats had held a feeling of resentment over the loss of the 2000 election and that they wanted nothing more than to sabotage the "Clear Victory of a Decent and Honest Man."

The Court also went on to state that, the testimony by the Democrats was the result of Inaccurate data and that the stories of voter fraud were "made up."

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