The Bureau of Unified Adcuetdentry, also known as Bureunadry, is the assembly of representatives, from which all UA member states are involved. The assemblies are commonly categorised into 3 periods: Political Session, followed by The Summit for Head of States, and ended with The Formal Session.

Supernational Government

The Bureau of UA is one of the supernational government of the entire Unified Adcuetdentry, and is headed by the Chancellor of Unified Adcuetdentry. The Bureau of UA will meet only on the annual assembly, or under emergency instructions by the The Second Hall of Bureunadry, or the Chancellor. In times when the Chancellor is unfit to make such decision, the staffs of Chancellory shall be able to make such emergency arrangement under the grace of the Chancellor.

The Bureau of UA is often seen as the most authoritive political division within the entire Unified Adcuetdentry. The Council of UA merely handle foreign affairs, maintenance of political institutions and the civil defenses to a certain level. However, both institutions operates in quite a different manner; The Bureau of UA reviews and decides on laws and policies on all level, however do not have permanent mandate for major polity, such as the UA Bureau of Education. The minister of UA Bureau of Education is a permanent elected member of the Council of UA, and is not permitted to be involved with the Bureau of UA. See Council of Unified Adcuetdentry for her operations.

In the Bureunadry

Political Session, the first in the annual meetings, are often scheduled to take place on the first monday of July until the last Friday of August. The Summit for Head of States are often scheduled on the first Monday of September, and are held in the Redréurier's Castle, and ends within the end of the week. The Formal Session sums up the entire assembly and meetings, and conforms the laws and policies amendments made during the first 2 meetings; usually starts on the second Monday of September, and ends on the third Monday of September. The Bureau of UA closes the assemblies by the third Tuesday of September in a dignified ceremony, in Lveiovs.

Political Sessions

The First Hall of Bureunadry

Members of the Bureunadry are allocated with 2 votes each, with exception to the constitutional members, who receives only a vote. These members belonged to the First Hall of Bureunadry, who are the core members of the entire Bureunadry, and are titled the Common Bureunadriates, while the constitutional members are titled the Commoneather Bureunadriates. Policies and laws must be proposed here, and shall be deemed of the fleasibility and voted, before being reviewed by the Chancellor and forward to the Third Hall of Bureunadry. Common and Commoneather Bureunadriates are elected annually, and no single person shall be allowed to accept more than 6 consecutive terms of office.

The Second Hall of Bureunadry

Members of the Second Hall of Bureunadry, or the Bureunadric Minsters, are representatives nominated twice a year by the respective governments within the UA. They are given powers to veto any military operations in times of war that involves the entire UA, however, do not possesses the power to instruct an invasion. The Second Hall of Bureunadry is purely for emergency purposes. Bureunadric Minsters may ask for an emergency Bureunadry meeting before or after the annual assembly, however, is not associated with the mainstream halls of the Bureunadry.

The Third Hall of Bureunadry

The body that governs the instituted law and policies, and review proposed laws and policies. Members of this hall are titled the Abetment Bureunadriates, and are trusted with powers to oppose proposals from the First Hall of Bureunadry. Abetment Bureunadriates governs the instituted laws and policies in the Unified Adcuetdentry, however, are not authorised to intervene with laws and policies in the member states of UA.

When the Third Hall of Bureunadry finds the proposed law or policy suitable to be passed, the proposal will be forwarded to the Grand Hall of Bureunadry. When this hall finds an instituted law or policy unsuitable, the Request for Withdrawal of Instituted Laws or Policies will be forwarded to the Grand Hall of Bureunadry and awaits for the accordance.

The Grand Hall of Bureunadry

This is the Hall within the Bureunadry that passes and rejects proposal, and accepts or decline a Request for Withdrawal of Instituted Laws or Policies forwarded from the the Third Hall of Bureunadry. The Grand Hall of Bureunadry usually begin pocessing the proposals and request on the last Friday of July, and begin hearings on the second Wednesday of August. All proposals and requests must be processed by the last week of the Bureau of Unified Adcuetdentry politicial session.

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