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This is a list of many news headlines brought to you by various broadcasting stations. Be aware that these headlines are LIVE.


FOX News July 01, 2012: O.J. Simpson Denied Bail - Flag of the United States CLARK COUNTY, NEVADA: It was quite a scene at the Clark County Detention Center when former football star Orenthal James Simpson was denied bail again during his second appeal after which he became emotionally distressed and started yelling at the judge. Simpson had to be removed from the court room by three court officers and reportedly calmed down afterwards. Simpson is currently serving 33 years at Lovelock Correctional Center for robbery, kidnapping, coercion and conspiracy. O.J. Simpson will be eligible for parole in 2017.

CBS Logo July 02, 2012: U.S. Soldiers Battle al-Qaeda in Washington D.C. - Flag of the United States WASHINGTON D.C.: Washington D.C. has become an area of terror and chaos as U.S. soldiers engage al-Qaeda sleeper cell agents in the streets of our nation's capital. With the bombing of the Mall of America to the shooting of President Barack Obama, could the United States be experiencing an invasion? One official claims that "with the growing number of al-Qaeda cells in the United States, it is no surprise that the terror group would pull something like this". It is reported now that over 20 U.S. soldiers have died during this exchange of gunfire, and the total death toll brought on by the recent terror attacks is said to be over 6,000. According to White House officials, President Obama has been relocated to a "secure location" and will return once this battle has subsided and the elimination of the sleeper cell is confirmed. Our thoughts and prayers go out to our soldiers in the capital and overseas.

CNN Logo July 03, 2012: al-Qaeda Threat Eliminated - Flag of the United States WASHINGTON D.C.: The al-Qaeda threat has been eliminated according to various U.S. soldiers in Washington D.C.. Over 100 al-Qaeda soldiers were killed in the gunfight in the streets of Washington as U.S. soldiers remain on standby in case of another attack. White House Officials state that President Obama will be returned to Washington in a few hours and will participate in a meeting regarding the upgrading of U.S. security.

CNN Logo July 04, 2012: New Anti-Terror Policy Introduced - Flag of the United States WASHINGTON D.C.: In the House of Represenatives today, Congressman Mike Turner of Ohio introduced Bill HR.96, also known as the American Defense Policy Against Homeland Terrorism, a law that would require all airport personnel and officials to check anyone entering and exiting airplanes and airport terminals. Turner stated that this will "provide peace of mind for the American people". So far, many congressmen and women have reacted positively to the introduction of this new bill, and are reportedly confident that this will greatly aid Americans who are under the fear of terrorism.

FOX News July 05, 2012: Mexican Drug War Takes a Surprising Turn - Flag of Mexico CIUDAD JUAREZ, CHIHUHUA: The Mexican Drug War just took a turn for the worst today as multiple infamous drug cartels formed a coalition between each other and became the "Grande cartel". President Felipe Calderon made a statement, saying that "the formation of this Grande Cartel does not scare us, but angers us. We shall not fail our main objective, and we will certainly not lose this war". The Grande Cartel reportedly has over 200,000 foot soldiers and over 15 drug lords as leaders, with the most notable of them being Edgardo Maximiano, a 41-year old who once was the leader of the now dismantled Diablo cartel. President Obama has not yet made a statement regarding this surprising turn of events.

FOX News July 06, 2012: From Mexico? - Flag of the United States of AmericaFlag of Mexico MEXICO-UNITED STATES BORDER: President Obama shocked many this morning as he announced that U.S. troops will be deployed to Mexico to deal with the threat posed by the recently formed Grande cartel. Most officials seemed skeptical of this decision, but ultimately agreed that helping the Mexican armed forces will turn the tide in the Drug War.

CNN Logo July 08, 2012: Drone strikes to be authorized in Mexico - Flag of MexicoFlag of the United States of America CHIHUAHUA, MEXICO: Another stunner from the White House: President Obama announced in a special address that the United States will use fighter drones in Mexico. These fighter drones are similar to the ones used in Afghanistan and Iran. Mexican President Felipe Caulderon responded to this, saying "the U.S.'s aid to us has been helpful, but I am quite concerned with the collateral damage that can be caused by this weapons. However, there are certain times in our lives where we must make a desperate choice".

CBS Logo July 10, 2012: Grande cartel leader on the run - Flag of Mexico CIUDAD JUAREZ, MEXICO: President Caulderon announced today that the Mexican Army is currently searching for Edgardo Maximiano, the leader of the infamous Grande cartel, who escaped the assault on the cartel's home base yesterday in Ciudad Juarez. According to several soldiers, Maximiano could be heading for Chihuahua, although, it is truly unknown where Maximiano could really be heading.

FOX News July 12, 2012: Afghan War ending? - Flag of the United StatesFlag of AfghanistanWASHINGTON D.C.: According to various sources such as Reuters and the Associated Press, the Afghan War may be coming to an end. White House officials reported that President Obama has confirmed that a military operation known as "Afghani Twilight" is underway. This operation supposedly involves U.S. soldiers cracking down on al-Qaeda-controlled locations in and around cities in war-torn Afghanistan. President Obama stated that "we must win the war at all costs" and that "the al-Qaeda threat must be extinguished once and for all".

CBS Logo July 15, 2012: Mexico to be "fully renovated" - Flag of MexicoMEXICO CITY: Mexican President Felipe Caulderon has announced today that the country of Mexico will receive full repairs to its economic infrastructure shortly after the Grande cartel is "vanquished". Caulderon revealed that this plan was to be unveiled in 2008, but when the Drug War began, all attempts to enact the plan were shelved until further notice. Caulderon added that "Mexico has suffered enough, and shouldn't have to suffer anymore".

FOX News July 21, 2012: Ciudad Juarez liberated from Grande Cartel - Flag of MexicoCIUDAD JUAREZ: In an announcement made by Mexican President Felipe Caulderon today, the city of Ciudad Juarez has been fully liberated from the infamous Grande cartel by the combined efforts of the United States military and the Mexican Army. Reports show that the city's populace is celebrating the victory.


[2][3] November 18, 2012: Britain declares war on Argentina [4][5]
Flag of UK

The British House of Commons has authorised UK Prime Minister David Cameron to declare war on Argentina after yesterday's car bombing of Port Stanley. Britain is understood to have dispatched a major naval task force towards the islands as reports suggest Argentina has launched a comprehensive air and sea invasion of the Falkland Islands, a British territory located around 300 miles off the coast of Argentina. The UK and Argentina previously fought a war over the islands in 1982, with a decisive British victory - only time will tell if the same will be repeated thirty years on.