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The Classic Futurology Book holds various articles on the classical forecasts of what the future will be like, and should consist of relatively few scenarios.

The Classic Futurology Book is a compilation of the standard, pseudo-scenario pages on this project. Articles in this section are more likely to occur than those in many other Books.

Articles in this Book may be at times contradictory, as membership in this book means that there are relatively few points of divergence in the article, not that the article's contents fit in the "Classic Archscenario".

Please visit these articles and then sort them into groups with the use of headers to improve organization.

Articles in this Book so far:

Classic: Standard Timeline

Biology Articles

Electronics Articles

Engineering Articles

Sociopolitical Articles

If you have any ideas on this Book, please contribute by writing an article and attaching a link to that article in the listing above. Thank you.

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