Bloody June Revolutions

Bloody June Revolutions

June 3rd 2017


June 28th 2017




Overwhelming 'Ataturk's Army' victory, 'New Turkey' constitution adopted permanently engraving secularism, 'Great AKP Expulsion' event begins expelling all of the AKP members who do not succumb under this new country and who still stick with Erdogan, Erdogan being permanently overthrown and is permanently banned from rejoining Turkish politics, freeing of many prisoners of press crackdown.

Major battles:

Battle of Bosphorus, Ankaran Attacks, Diyarbakir Revolts, multiple minor demonstrations throughout western Turkey.


Turkish Government

Revolters (Ataturk's Army, Kurds, Nationalists)




Kilicdagolu (Ataturk's Army)

Mustafa Rezarim (Kurds)

Mehmet Bacehkdir (Nationalists)







The Bloody June Revolutions were multiple violent and non-violent attacks, demonstrations and riots against the Turkish government. There were multiple groups; Ataturk's Army (CHP, Turkish Army, branches of MHP), Kurds Against Turkey (HDP, PKK, Turkish residing YPG), Young Turk Redux (rest of MHP) and the AKP. Many countries also were involved whether supporting sides or attempting to end this crisis.


Around 3 weeks before the events began, President Erdogan had issued a controversial bill which made Ataturk no longer the permanent hero and began to wipe his ideologies off from Turkey. This had ended up causing slight riots however they quickly were taken down. Following the events President Erdogan downgraded parliamentary power and increased presidential power, being widely criticized and extremely frightening. Next, only ~3 days before the events began, extreme tensions were found between each Turkish political party. At the Grand National Assembly, the CHP, MHP and HDP were completely boycotting all AKP bills and calling them "Ottoman criminals", while the AKP replied to them and named them as "undemocratic unlawful swines". Finally, the final event which finally lit the revolting spirit was when Erdogan's secret plans to assassinate everyone from opposition parties were revealed, massively shocking people of Turkey and abroad. The European Union quickly condemned this and then replied with "Due to this horrific revealing, your application to the European Union shall be indefinitely suspended. With such harsh undemocratic ways to eliminate your opponents, this is the final straw and we cannot take anymore of your authoritarian ways.". NATO also then suspended Turkey's membership, then stating "Once you eliminate the obvious enemy (Erdogan), we can reconsider your membership, but until then, we shall reconsider your membership due to these undemocratic uncivilized manners to take care of oppositioning parties!". Less than 24 hours later, millions of Turks began weeks of harsh riots, attacks and demonstrations in order to stop the corrupted government.


During the events, there were 3 sides, Ataturk's Army, Kurds, and the Nationalists battling against Erdogan. Here are the supporters (with amount of strength they had):

Ataturk's Army

  • Flag of NATO NATO (~2,000)
  • 25px EU (~1,500)
  • Flag of ASEAN ASEAN (~250)
  • 25px USA (~2,000)
  • Flag of Germany Germany (1,650)
  • Flag of Azerbaijan Azerbaijan (1,700)
  • Flag of Australia Australia (1,500)
  • Flag of Canada Canada (1,250)
  • Flag of France France (1,850)
  • Flag of Greece Greece (1,100)
  • Flag of Macedonia Macedonia (960)
  • Flag of Israel Israel (985)
  • Flag of Cyprus Cyprus (500)
  • 25px Northern Cyprus (1,200)
  • Flag of Austria Austria (400)
  • Flag of Romania Romania (1,000)
  • Flag of Italy Italy (1,500)
  • Flag of Spain Spain (1,700)
  • Flag of Portugal Portugal (200)
  • Flag of New Zealand New Zealand (500)
  • 25px Netherlands (1,000)
  • Flag of Belgium Belgium (965)
  • 25px UK (2,500)
  • Flag of Tunisia Tunisia (1,200)
  • Flag of Chile Chile (150)
  • Flag of Argentina Argentina (600)
  • Flag of Albania Albania (1,000)
  • Flag of Serbia Serbia (150)
  • Flag of Slovenia Slovenia (750)
  • Flag of Slovakia Slovakia (370)
  • Flag of Japan Japan (1,900)
  • Flag of Ukraine Ukraine (2,100)
  • Flag of Norway Norway (300)
  • Flag of Sweden Sweden (95)
  • Flag of Denmark Denmark (120)
  • Flag of Kosovo Kosovo (1,075)


  • Flag of Scotland Scotland (900)
  • Flag of Catalonia Catalonia (1,000)
  • Flag of India India (5,750)
  • Flag of Armenia Armenia (1,000)
  • Flag of Myanmar Myanmar (2,600)
  • 25px Panama (750)
  • Flag of Hungary Hungary (2,100)
  • Flag of Andorra Andorra (20)
  • Flag of Venezuela Venezuela (1,950)
  • Flag of Malaysia Malaysia (1,200)
  • Flag of Moldova Moldova (700)


  • Flag of Poland Poland (3,000)
  • Flag of Colombia Colombia (2,500)
  • Flag of Singapore Singapore (100)
  • 25px China (6,700)
  • Flag of Brazil Brazil (3,500)
  • Flag of Uruguay Uruguay (1,000)
  • Flag of Peru Peru (400)
  • Flag of Croatia Croatia (1,000)
  • Flag of Yemen Yemen (200)


  • Flag of Iran Iran (8,000)
  • Flag of Hezbollah Hezbollah(200)
  • Flag of North Korea North Korea(2,500)
  • Flag of Russia Russia (9,150)
  • Flag of Belarus Belarus (2,000)
  • Flag of Algeria Algeria (1,500)
  • Flag of Libya Libya (900)
  • Flag of Egypt Egypt (1,150)
  • Flag of Somalia Somalia (650)


After weeks of treacherous and dangerous riots, the fate of Turkey is sealed with a victorious Ataturk's Army victory. Immediately after the CHP victory, President Erdogan, Prime Minister Yildrim and many other AKP politicians are forced to step down. Erdogan is banned from Turkey, and he is deported to the United Arab Emirates, while a brand new constitution is drawn, pro-western. However, many people were killed and in Turkey alone, the total amount of people who died is 17,395,500.