Should have post this months ago :v What can I say? I'm always an extremely busy man :v

Any way, let make this short:

I have been moving to ConWorld many months ago

A bit more detail:

For a couple of months, those of you who might be interest in what I wrote (those who don't... well :v) might notice that I haven't written a single word yet. That is because after many conflicts with different people, most are/might be just trolls, I decided to completely move to ConWorld wikia.

If anyone who might still interest in me and my idea of Unionism.... please look for The Next Renaissance at ConWorld ---> Not trying to advertise the site itself, okay :v

About the reason: I can give you a long list if you want. But let just say that I prefer to construct my (partially real) future world, than argue with a bunch of gals whose articles are mostly War, War, War and War, this one or that one rule the world, everything in ruin, blah blah blah......

That's it. Thanks for reading my long and blatant words :v :v :v :v

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