"The Mortville Government has lashed out on its fellow members of the International Community in Acts of Unprovoked Aggression. and thus by secretly supporting the Tokyo Species Alien Cell has committed something else.....Terrorism! and there is only one proper response: effective immediately: we will Isolate the Most Serene Republic of Mortville from the company of the community of Nations. Therefore, a flotilla of Starships and Naval Vessels will enforce a Blockade on Mortville starting tomorrow. goods and supplies heading to or from Mortville will be Blocked at every Port and every naval base in the US and all and around Oceania. any Mortville ships entering or leaving will be stopped, boarded and turned back. if they resist, they will be fired upon and seized. this Blockade will continue until such time as the Mortville Government recognises these facts and apologises for these attacks. and provides Reparations to combat the Tokyo Species Aliens. as of right now...Lawandas Serene Republic of Mortville stands alone."- Nathan Joseph Wallace and Female King Elizabeth III of Sauria