What is it?

Biofeedback treatments teach people to control physiological functioning. Typically sensors, such as EEG sensors, measure key physiological variables and software translates them to a visual representation that the user can comprehend. The user then attempts to adjust the physiological variables to a desired state.

  • Biofeedback can be used to find 'optimal states'. The Heart-math company offers biofeedback software that can be used to dramatically improve exam performance through training in managing the stress and anxiety.
  • Lucid dreams can be initiated through biofeedback equipment that detects when someone enters REM sleep and alerts them, without waking, with a blinking LED
  • Biofeedback migraine headache treatments and tension headache treatments teach people to control blood flow and muscle tension patterns which cause or start the headaches. The same site also covers: Biofeedback based urinary incontinence treatment (pelvic floor muscles) and ADHD and ADD help.
  • Biofeedback used in treating epilepsy

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This is a factual article as opposed to fiction or scenario. It describes the current state of the field and explains expected future developments without speculation or fantasy.

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