This page is used to inform people about the biggest (most expensive) scientific projects, research & infrastructures around the world.

1) Kamiokande (Research on neutrinos)

2) International Space Station (Research in space)

3) ITER (Research on Fusion)

4) Large Hadron Collider (Research on particle physics)

5) Jaguar Computer (Research in computation)

6) Alcor Life Extension Foundation (Research on cryopreservation & nanomedicine)

7) Allen Telescope Array (Research in astronomical observations)

8) Human Genome Project (terminated) (Research in genomics)

9) BGI (Beijing Genomics Institute prior to 2008, is one of the world's premier genome sequencing centers)

10) Sanford Underground Research Facility (Which houses multiple physics experiments in areas such as dark matter and neutrino research)

11) Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider (This is one of only two operating heavy-ion colliders, and the only spin-polarized proton collider ever built.)