Flag of Berlin

Flag of Berlin

Berlin - Siegessaeule Aussicht 10-13 img4 Tiergarten (cropped)

Skyline of Berlin


1163 (Establishment)

1650 (Berlin Fortress)

1714 (Enlargement)

1793 (Brandenberg Gate)

1806 (Government)

1945 (Allied Occupation)

1948 (City Divided)

1990 (Reunified)

Mayor Leopold von Gerlach (1st)
Country Germany
Province/District Capitol District

Berlin is the name of a city in Germany that is currently the largest in Europe. Berlin has served as the formal boundary between Western and Eastern Europe.

Future History

With the dawn of a New Cold War, Germany saw itself as a center of NATO's Military Mobilization. Berlin constructed a communications tower in 2026, with the goal of monitoring communications from Kaliningrad 

On the One Hundreth Anniversary of the Nazi takeover, Germany held a candelight vigil to honor all those killed during the Regime of Adolf Hitler. Diplomats from nearly 50 countries attended with the Chancellor of Germany calling for the world to prevent the rise of another mad dictator, desperate for power and the destruction of others. 

In 2039, Germany held another candelight vigil to commerorate the 100th Anniversary of World War II. They said that all was being done to prevent the rise of another Nazi Government and thanked the United States and Soviet Union for freeing it from the control of a madman. 

In 2052, Berlin hosted the Summer Olympics alongside several other German Cities

In 2089, Germany celebrated the 100th Anniversary of the Berlin Wall Demolition. Millions of Germans took part in a mock demostration and hoisted German Flags in honor of its reunificaiton. 

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