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Beckoning of the Red Planet

Beckoning of the Red Planet (Map Game)

It is the year 2020, and China, after years of planning and money seemingly wasted, has done the impossible. In the course of a year, the People's Republic has successfully deployed a construction rover on the Moon and are preparing to construct a moon base with secret intentions and not only that, having landed a man on the Mars, the event splashed across the screens of electronics across the world, shocking it all over, especially the United States of America, with Donald Trump's own space program having been halted due to the massive amount of funds put into the Wall and the military instead, panicking him, as the US elections are coming up, giving him a chance of being elected out. China's puppet state, North Korea also intended to follow suite in its master's footsteps.

Meanwhile, in the Far West, the Russian Federation has taken Crimea from Ukraine due to a lack of support form the United States and is seemingly adding Ukraine to its sphere of influence, the Eurasian Union, by force, alerting Germany to the point that it is beginning to strengthen the European Union by force, in the wake of the collapsing NATO, having insulted Britain and France, subjugating Poland and spreading propaganda. It has intentions of beating Russia is Space as well as on Earth, up to the point that the controversy is dubbed "The Fourth Reich vs the Neo-Soviet Union". It is unclear what is happening in the Middle East as of yet, aside from Suadi Arabia's continued warnings against a growing threat in Turkey.

In the collapsing superpower, Donald Trump intends to save his career by pitting Taiwan, Japan and South Korea against the waking Dragon and its own Korea in the new Space Race, but will he be successful, or will he be a failure.?

That is up to you...<


This is the first ever map game created by this arse. It is about the colonisation of Mars, beginning by a successful Chinese Mission on Mars in the year 2020 and while Earth is in the game, it will only be relevant for the beginning of the map game and as it progresses, much of the focus will be on Mars, and there will be an attempt to bring back the concept of Mod Events, such as a UN charter of Mars. This map game assumes that China will be able to plant a man on Mars by 2020 as they intend.



World Map





Solar System

Only when the map game reaches 2050.


List of Nations

List of Alliances/Trade Unions

Recommended Nations

  1. Flag of China People's Republic of China (Confirmed Colonization Nation)
  1. Flag of USAThe United States of America (Confirmed Colonization Nation)
  1. Flag of RussiaRussian Federation (Confirmed Colonization Nation)
  1. Flag of France.svg The French Republic
  2. JapanThe State of Japan
  3. IndiaThe Republic of India
  4. Flag of IsraelThe State of Israel
  5. Iran flagThe Islamic Republic of Iran
  6. Flag of North KoreaDemocratic People's Republic of North Korea

Interesting Choices

  1. Flag of the United KingdomThe United Kingdom of Great Britain
  2. Flag of UkraineThe Republic of Ukraine
  3. KoreaflagThe Republic of South Korea
  4. Flag of Germany.svgThe Republic of Germany



Note: Once the game reaches 2050 or 2100 (depending on the mods' decision) the amount of time will reach into single years.

List of Events


  • Chinese Moon Landing (2020)

Important Information/Rules


All users currently on the wiki may play unless otherwise noted.

Turns change every 24 hours or more in emergency cases.

Banned Users

A ban due to implausibility strikes lasts thirty days, after which the third strike is repealed and the banned player is unbanned. However, the newly unbanned player rejoins the game with two strikes, as a form of probation.

Plausibility Strikes

Three strikes and you're out! Each strike resets after 10 years of the most recent strike.

Moderator Strikes

These are strikes for moderators and how they moderate. The same three strikes rules apply. If a moderator is banned from moderating, however, they can still play as their nation or an NPC nation. Mod strikes can be delivered in one of three ways:

  1. If a sufficient number of players (more than half of all players voting) vote to give a moderator a strike.
  2. If the Mandate of the Red Banner gives them a strike.
  3. If a majority of all mods (ie more than half of the total number of mods, excluding that moderator) vote to give a moderator a strike.

Moderators can be given strikes for the following reasons:

  1. Exhibiting a bias that would benefit the nation they are playing.
  2. Exhibiting a bias that would negatively affect a player they have a personal dispute with.
  3. Making a ruling that contradicts an established fact from earlier in the game.
  4. Overruling a decision of a majority of moderators.


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You can join as any country that existed in 2016.

You can change what nation you are playing before the game begins

Earth flag UN Security Council (Moderators)

  • Head Moderator -
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Q1 2020

Game Start!!

The whole world is shocked as China has done the impossible by sending a man to Mars and also landing a construction site on the Moon. Tensions rise between the Eurasian Union and Germany. U.S.A is declining as Donald Trump puts most of the funds into the Mexican Wall. Since the intervention with U.S.A and Russia in Middle East, ISIS has taken over Iraq and Syria, threatening war. But, will China construct a Moon settlement? Only time will tell.

  • Flag of ChinaPeople's Republic of China:,We successfully Completed the Manned Mission to Mars. We also got news that the Drones reached Moon to collect Samples .[Secret] and to create a colony there. It will be finished in 2026 and then people will be the Tensions between Russia and Germany We declare our neutrality. We criticize Trump's wall as Cartels in Mexico may take over. We increase our GDP and our growth rate has been high. We invest heavily in the new battleship named Jinping after the President. We also increase our nuclear stockpile. We will assist North Korea on their Space program.
  • JapanJapan: We take China's landing on Mars as an act of threatening Eastern Asia. We start building up our military and navy. To fix our population problem (which has been causing our economic problems), we plan to create an artifical womb hooked up to EVs and IVs to create the first artifically-created human. It should come out Q4 2020. We also create the Asian Space Agency and attempt to put us and other Asian countries on Lunar and Martian surfaces. We invite South Korea, ASEAN countries, and Australia. [Player/Mod Response Needed] We attempt to sell our successful space whip to other countries such as the USA and Germany. [Player Response Needed]
    • Mod Response: South Korea and Australia accept while ASEAN decline stating that they want an independent Space Station.
    • Japanese Response: We are overjoyed to hear that South Korea and Australia agree to join the ASA.
  • Flag of Sweden Sweden: We begin asking the ESA for more funds on space research, citing the Chinese success at landing a man on Mars and a construction site on the Moon, and saying that the EU can do it too. We begin expanding roads and improving our infrastructure even more, also we phase out fossil fuels, aiming for 50% usage of green energy by Q1 2030 and full usage of green energy by Q1 2050 at the latest. We also ask our fellow Scandinavian countries Norway, Finland, and Denmark, as well as Estonia, on whether to merge into a united Scandinavian nation [Mod Response Needed]. We have received news of a terrorist attack in Malmo, of a suicide bombing in rush hour in one of the busiest streets of the city. This attack has killed 34 people and injured more than 150, and ISIS has claimed responsibility for it. Thus, we send 34,000 troops to Syria to fight ISIS [Mod Response on Progress].
    • Mod Response: Norway and Denmark agree to merge. While Finland and Estonia say they prefer independence. Finland starts to send troops to its border with you in case of an invasion. The troops invade through Iraq and have taken a few minor towns but is eventually stopped by ISIS' defense system.
    • Flag of Sweden Swedish Response: We are overjoyed that Norway and Denmark agree to join us, and we also tell Finland to not worry, as we respect their decision to remain sovereign.
    • Mod Response: Finland remains tense but eventually decides to remove border patrol troops later this year.
  • Flag of North Korea North Korea: Seeing our neighbor China having the ability to send man to Mars, we increase our space program. We will send up our first space station in Q2 2020 (Secret) We plan to have a man on the moon by Q1 2021. We hope to set up a colony on Mars by Q1 2027. With China assisting us in our space program, we decide to assist them as well. We increase our military to ~1.6 million, with our reserve staying the same at 7.7 million troops. We plan that, once other nations begin the lunar conquest, we will begin our conquest of Earth. Seeing as we will have a space station soon, we begin producing more nuclear weapons to place onto the space station, as a means to defend ourselves [and to threaten other rivaling nations] (Secret).
  • Flag of the United StatesUnited States:President Trump is Assassinated, along with Vice President Mike Pence, making Speaker of The House Paul Ryan temporary president. Paul Ryan starts implementing many reforms, like implementing a 6 day work week for Senators and Representatives, with scheduled days off throughout the year, so no more sitting around doing nothing all day not even coming to work. Construction of The Wall is stopped, and the materials gained from using controlled blasts to bring down the wall. Parts that are metal are melted down and turned into parts for The Constellation Program, which is put back online after the near collapse of NASA due to insufficient funding. Budget cuts are implemented, which is actually quite easy due to the fact that under Trump's presidency, most of the budget was going to civil works for the wall, or being paid to Trump Enterprises. Our plan is to send a man to Titan by 2030, and to send men to The Moon and Mars and set up colonies there for the journey. Skylab 2 is put into planning as a Deep Space Station within the Asteroid Belt as a way-point for the mission to Titan. We decrease our export tax by 25%, but increase our import tax by the same amount, making the Chinese Economy suffer as we are their main trade partner. We de-criminalize Hardcore Drugs such as Heroin or Cocaine, and begin instating fines for drug usage instead. This vacates some prisons, which we turn into Factories which cause a economic boom. We place complete sanctions on both China and North Korea. This causes some economic downturn but it in the long term will help the American economy due to the fact that We are China's biggest market, and with that gone, jobs start to vacate the country due to most of those companies producing thing sold mostly in the US like Ford and Dodge, which start relocating jobs to America.
    • Flag of SwedenSwedish Diplomacy: We follow the example of the USA by placing sanctions on China and North Korea, and also encouraging the rest of NATO to do so also.
    • JapanJapanese Diplomacy:  We follow suit on what Sweden and the US are doing by placing sanctions on NK. China supports most of our economy, so we don't place sanctions on them to keep our economy sort-of stable at least.
  • Flag of GermanyGermany: We think placing sanctions on China would accelerate our space program development rate, but place light sanctions in case they retaliate. We spend most of our research budget on fusion technology and space flight. We spend slightly more on fusion, in case we hit a major discovery and we are able to implement it in space flight. We ask Austria and Czech Republic for a merger, so that we may develop faster. [Mod Response] We assure Austria and Czech Republic that we have good intentions, and history will not repeat itself. We begin constructing components for our space station, which will be launched in Q3 2021 earliest. We begin recruitment for colonizers. Infrastructure and economy is upgraded for maximum output, and we follow in the footsteps of Sweden in full usage of green energy.
    • Mod Response: Austria and The Czech Republic accept if they are given 70% autonomy.
  • Flag of SwedenScandinavia: We have finally united, as the Republic of Scandinavia, with current Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Lofven being President. We are currently developing 3 designs for the population to decide on the new flag of Scandinavia. We begin building a space station, it will be ready in Q2 2021, and we also propose a joint space agency with Germany and the UK,it will be called the Northern European Space Agency (NESA) [Player Response Needed]. We send 15,000 more soldiers to Iraq and Syria to fight ISIS [Mod Response On Progress], and we start building wind turbines, solar panels, and other stuff to replace fossil fuels.
    • British Diplomacy: We accept to joint space program.
  • Flag of IsraelIsrael: We declare war on ISIS and send all 160 000 of our active personnel to Syria as well as 3 corvettes and 2000 tanks. while keeping all 630 000 reserve personnel back at Israel. We ask Egypt and USA for a military alliance [Mod and player response needed]. Our troops land at Latakia, Syria and we bomb syrian military bases with 80 fighters/interceptors. We invade the town of Aleppo[mod response needed]. Our space program starts and we prepare to launch our first 3 man rocket to the moon.
    • Mod Response: With 1,750 casualties, you manage to capture the western portions of the city.
  • Flag of RussiaRussia:We improve our Space station and has Launched a Rocket to moon with Drones and Construction tools to create a Space colony.We also Declare war on ISIS and send 20000 Soldiers there.We ask the Germans not to provoke us or we will start a war.We mobilize our troops on the German border in case they try something fishy.We increase our Army.we also improve our Literacy rate.

Q2 2020

The Tensions between Germany and Russia is at Sky high and a war seems inevitable.also U.S has placed sanctions on China.will this affect them in any way?a lot of countries have volunteered to fight against Isis and is hoping to vanquish them.will it work?only time will tell

  • Flag of ChinaChina:We are reeling from the Sanctions Placed by USA.the people have started revolting against the government.A group of People backed by Taiwan starts a coup.They kill all the members of the Government. The Leader is Feng Shui who becomes the President.We become a Multi-Party System.We ask Taiwan to Join us as it was them who helped us.[Mod Response Needed].We Change our Name to Republic of China.As we are now Pro-US we ask USA for an Alliance and also to remove the Sanctions.[USA response needed].We also ask for An alliance with Japan whom we want to repair our Broken relations and become allies.
    • Mod Response: Taiwan begrudgingly accepts, but wants you to take upon their flag as your current flag is too reminiscent of communism to them. They also want autonomy.
    • JapanJapanese Diplomacy: We accept the alliance, and hope we become closer.
    • USA Response: We say yes, but we are still dis-trusting, so we only loosen sanctions. We will completely remove the sanctions if you force the deportation of outsourced American companies back to the US. [China Response Required]
    • Chinese Dip: We accept The demands of the US.We also accept Taiwan's Request to give autonomy and we will implement another flag in Q1 2021.
    • Korean Diplomacy: We happily accept the alliance, and welcome all form of enclosing relationship between the ROK and ROC.
  • US 67 star flagUnited States of America: We slightly redraw the US Map, with California and Texas being split up, and several new other states. These are the names of the states: Jefferson, Northern California, Silicon Valley, Central California, West California, South California, New Texas, Trinity, Gulfland, Plainland, Lincoln, Erie (split from Pennsylvania and Ohio), Franklin (split from Tennessee), Columbia (Split from Washington), Vegas (split from Nevada), South Arizona, North Arizona, Sequoya (split from Oklahoma), Superior (Split from Michigan) Peuto Rico, West Florida (spit from Mississippi and Alabama), and Mariana (Northern Marianas and Guam)
    Usa New

    New US Map. (May have to click to see state boundaries)

  • Flag of IsraelIsrael: We ask for a trade and military alliance with Saudi Arabia[MOD RESPONSE NEEDED] we ask USA for an alliance [USA response needed] We start to design new engines and start to research a laser cannon. We continue to fight ISIS and attack the city of Aleppo. We start to build a space agency called Mid Might space agency. We start to support USA.
    • USA Response: We accept.
  • Flag of GermanyGermany: We loosen sanctions on China. We begin arming ourselves for military conflict against Russia. We ask for the NATO and China to assist us in the upcoming war against Russia. We develop advanced anti-aircraft laser weaponry and test it over the Baltic Sea. We improve our technology and military. [Colonization Confirmation Report Needed]
  • Mod Response:Not Yet.
  • Chinese Dip:We accept and now we join Germany's side in the War.
  • Korean Diplomacy: We express concern over Germany's aggressive militarization against Russia, and warn that should Germany be the one initiating war, Korea will opt for anti-war measures through possible ways.
  • Flag of North Korea North Korea: With multiple new sanctions placed upon our country, we begin to plan for invasion of USA and multiple countries. However, our president, Kim Jong-Un, is assassinated before anything can really begin. Because of this, a revolution has begun, and our nation is decidedly now a Republic. With this new government, we ask for forgiveness and for the sanctions to be lifted [Player Response Needed].
    • Flag of Sweden Scandinavian Dip: President Stefan Lofven of the Republic of Scandinavia agrees to loosen sanctions until they are minor, but we are still tense about this situation, and we will be watching the country very closely for the rest of the year. We will decide next year on whether to lift the sanctions completely or not, depending on North Korea's human rights record for this year.
    • USA Response: No
    • Japanese Response: We release some sanctions, but keep others. 
  • Flag of the United Kingdom United Kingdom: We start to constructing more rockets, we plan to send 2 men to the Moon in 2024. We send more troops to fight ISIS, about 13,000 additional troops are sent to Syria. We continue to improving economy, with increasing production.
  • US 67 star flagUnited States of America: We begin work on Skylab II, Which is composed of Five Modules: the control center, the living quarters, hydroponics, the fusion core, and the docking bay. We shall use Skylab II to test the effects on the human body without a magnetic field. This station shall orbit Pallas in the Asteroid Belt. We have also begun work on the Space Shuttle MkII which shall use a SpaceTram, a magnetic launch system that shall reach up to the atmospheric limit, and shall hurl the said object at near light speed to a docking system on the moon, where the process shall be repeated on Mars, unto which it shall be hurled to Skylab II, where it shall be fueled, and it shall then go to Titan, plant a US flag, and go back to Skylab, where the same shall happen in inverse order.
    Space Shuttle mkII

    Space Shuttle MkII Prototype

  • JapanJapan:  As leader of ASA, we begin to build prototype ships for sending our first men to the moon. We plan to get to that goal by Q4 2021. We also plan to put the first of our men on Mars by Q1 2025. With China a republic, we ask for a military alliance with them.
    • Chinese Dip:We accept the Military Alliance.we will also help your SpacevAgency to reach Moon faster if you accept [Japan Response needed].
    • Japanese Response: We accept.
    • Korean Diplomacy: We welcome the developments; the change of heart is being viewed as a step towards unity in the Asian continent, though we stress that any sort of disputes Japan intend to advantage from the recent crisis will remain opposed.
  • Flag of SwedenScandinavia: We begin making a space shuttle, to be completed Q4 2021, and we also plan to send people to Mars in Q3 2022. We also express our desire to have colonies on the Moon by Q2 2024. We continue fighting ISIS [Mod Response On Progress], and we ask the UK, the only other member of the Northern European Space Agency, to help us build our space shuttle, we will help them establish colonies on the moon in return [UK Response Needed]. We start asking North Korea for commercial flights to and from Stockholm to Pyongyang to be opened [NK Response Needed].
    • North Korean Response: Yes, we will allow commercial flights to and from Stockholm to Pyongyang, and vise versa.
    • South Korean Request: We additionally propose a transit plan connecting Incheon Int. Airport between Scandinavia and Pyongyang, with Scandinavian airlines travelling to Incheon, Korean Air destined to and fro Pyongyang and fro Incheon to Scandinavia, and Air Koryo fro Pyongyang to Incheon. This would also mean establishing travel treaties between the two Koreas, which we expressibly refer North Korean transportation offices to our peace agreement proposal. Thus, a travel agreement subject to compulsory renewal should be made to temporarily accomodate the travel plan. As we do not recognize North Korean passports, we wish to classify the flight as a domestic-international flight [Korea->Korea->Scandinavia]. The plan will be removed once a replacement post-peace agreement status quo is made in regards to inter-Korea transportation. [North Korea response needed]
    • North Korean Response: We plan to stick with the original concept developed by Scandinavia. We will, however, accept air flight to and from Incheon. We tell South Korea that we do want peace, but it is South Korea's fault that they cannot recognize North Korean passports, and that they should work on it before accepting our civilians into their country [Player Response Needed].
  • KoreaflagROK (S. Korea): We view the pacific revolution in North Korea as a surreal victory to a path of complete and absolute unification of a single Korean nation in the peninsula. Our Ministry of Unification have formally drafted a comprehensive plan, daftly named the "Single Peninsula" plan, aims to secure vulnerabilities caused by the absence of stability in the transitional republic at the North, perform a trajectory for complete political union, development, reeducation and eventual merging of citizens under the Kim Dynasty's regime, and the signing of the peace deal ending the threatening Korean War. The draft, expected to perpetuate and modernize the North as part of the unified Republic, will be presented to parliament on 2020-Q3 and to the North Korean parliament as soon as a peace preposition is ratified by both parties. We understand that as companies announce expansion plans into the isolated market in North Korea, member companies at the Seoul Economic and Development Conference are understood to place a joint announcement at Q4 with the GOV. President Qin June-Hyuek intends to ready a peace agreement and transition of North Korea's nuclear and ballistic arsenals into South Korean utilization at Pyongyang, then at the North-South demilitarization zone, which has the support of South Korea's parliament and it's principled pillars to immediately place a conclusion to a now worthless conflict. Should the provisional government seek it, the arrangement for the conditions of peace will begin without delay and signed at the concluding stages of Q3, alongside the 'Single Peninsula' plan. [North Korean Response needed - Mod response] National procedures of faltering ceasefire with North Korea exists, (SECRET - With US & Japan: And the Korean Republic is sufficiently militarized [Via heightened national DEFCON] to stage occupation together with US and JSDF troops) President Qin June-Hyeuk's statement: "Red and blue will be sewn together, in order to gift the permanent Korea it's colours. The lasting steps to permanent friendship is gradual, but behind us pushes hope. To the nation of Korea, no Koreans will ever be embroiled to ideological madness through the sacrifice of union."
    • KoreaflagROK [SPACE]: In regards to space development, we would like to merge North Korea's space and colony administrations into the Korea Aerospace Research Institute [KARI], which will precede the country's space agency that will replace KARI. Korea would afterwards create the SOK [Space Office of Korea], the national committee of all national activities, departments and funds to auronautics efforts and matters of national inclusion. The space agency responsible for space research and exploration will be the KARA [Korean Astronomical Research Administration], the direct successor for KARI. [North Korean response - Request for N. Korea to share secrets on civilian space matters] National space exploration is adjourned, but the committee will hear ongoing proposals in joining with the ASA in some missions at 2020-Q4 and a budget to develop a self-functioning green colony in Mars and industrial missions at the asteriod belt. Our aeronautics teams that have already orbited the International Space Station and the Tianjong 2 laboraty as Chinese, Japanese and American members have sufficient experience to prepare for interplanetary exploration, but so are many enthusiastic cosmonauts and astrobotanical societies [Note: South Korean society is now famed for leading scientific understanding of botanics and plant mutations in outer-space environments; meanwhile in society, enthusiasts purchase asteroid ash or solid space rocks to grow plants as a form of joy]. We look forward to being a critical part of the ASA's astrocolonial ambitions and furthering astronomical partnerships with the founding states of the ASA. [Japan response needed]
      • ​Japanese Response: We accept furthering astronomical partnerships, and hope we can achieve our goal of reaching the stars.
    • KoreaflagROK [UN]: We officially propose drafting a UN resolution rescinding the UN's punitive isolation regime on North Korea and adopt active endorsement for a Korean peace agreement. In addition, we are also pushing for deployment of UN investigators to confirm human rights violations and begin aid of the persecution of exiled members of the Kim Dynasty's government. We ask for our allies to assist through co-sponsorship, and eventual approval via the Security Council. [Mod & Player response needed]
      • North Korean Response: Although we will receive backlash from other governments, we will destroy 85% of the nuclear warheads, but keep the remaining 15% for defensive reasons, in case another government intends to invade our now-open country. We will not proceed with the 'Single Peninsula Plan', as we seek independence in the aged world. We would like to end the old-conflict, but we wish to keep our Space-related affairs private for now, along with keeping our space program independent. We enjoy how ecstatic South Korea is about unifying into one great country, but we do not see it this way: We see it as a change of pace, to change a few things that went wrong, but too also remain independent and to operate more self-sufficiently rather than relying on one-another[Player Response Needed]. I hope this does not change the way South Korea and other governments view us, but it's our honesty, and that's something not seen often these days.
    • ROK Response: As the North Korean GOV understandably wants to maintain independence, the ROK will comply and adjust. The 'Single Peninsula' plan will be put on hold and kept with the Unification Ministry [Though parliament will still vote on it's complete report which will be released at Q3], temporary travel leases will not be produced until N. Korean passports are officially recognized, and structural merging of inter-Korean offices is rescinded. Structural changes with prominent importance will still continue without inclusion with intentions of unification. Our government is ready to produce a peace agreement. [Text of peace treaty will be produced on 2020-Q3] Politics: Government's opposition coalition expresses satisfaction with North Korea's decision to maintain independence. "A complete union of the two Koreas is utterly unrealistic and is only possible through major sacrifices from our nation's budget and economy. The President must not oblige on idealistic, impulsive sentiments, but rather believe in a fair future at the long-term." Popular TV polls show that 22% supports Korean unification, 39% supports a gradual merger between the two Koreas, while 37% is against or concerned of a unified Korea. (2%, for a admissible reason, could not provide a choice)

Q3 2020

Balances in power shift as China and North Korea reinvent themselves into new versions, and tensions between Russia and Germany increase further as China vows to assist Germany should war break out.

  • Flag of GermanyGermany: We continue to upgrade our economy and technology, and invest in laser weaponry research. We launch `4 satellites into orbit, 3 of them for scouting out suitable locations for a lunar colony, and the other one being a weather satellite.[Secret] The weather satellite is an excuse for a spy satellite that will alert us should Russia be up to something.[End Secret] We begin experimentation of growing crops under conditions similar to that found in a pressurized cabin on the Moon. Extraction of ores from regolith is being a common subject of discussion among the German geological community. We loosen sanctions on North Korea, seeing that they have changed significantly. We impose a ban on both far-right and far-left political parties, to ensure history doesn't repeat itself. We ask to develop good relations with North Korea.[NK Response Needed] We announce that Germany will have a lunar colony by Q2 2021 earliest.
    • North Korean Response: We accept, establishing good relations between Germany and North Korea.
  • US 67 star flagUnited States of America: We ask Liberia and The Philippines to join us, as former parts of The United States. [Mod Response Required] We also begin working on the Saturn VI, which shall take the lunar colony components in 2021 Q3. We have enlisted 2 million men to work on the space elevator, so that it will be completed in time for the launch to Mars, and Titan.
    • Mod Response: Liberia agrees to join the USA due to internal crisis, but only if they get statehood as the 68th state of the USA. The Philippines, however, wants to remain sovereign, saying "We will not join the US, or any country who asks, as we will remain independent at any cost".
  • Flag of SwedenScandinavia: We continue fighting ISIS (Mod Response On Progress). We vow to support our closest ally, Germany, if they ever go to war with Russia, we then expel all Russian ambassadors with an accusation of "spying in Scandinavian government affairs". We continue building a spaceship and a space shuttle, and we open 250 applications for being a Moon colonist, the requirements are that 1) Over 18 years of age, 2) Must pass a moon colonist "test". (Secret) We begin building nuclear bombs. (End Secret). We continue improving relations with China and North Korea, and we ask North Korea and China for a trade deal and an alliance [Player Response Needed].
    • Flag of GermanyGermany: We thank Scandinavia for their support, and ask for a joint space program, and assistance in developing Fusion Engines for space travel. [Scandinavia Response Needed]
      • Flag of Sweden Scandinavia: We accept this deal, and welcome Germany intoteh Northern European Space Agency.
    • China: We accept the proposal.
    • North Korea: We will accept the trade deal and alliance.
  • Flag of IsraelIsrael: We continue troop deployment and bombing runs in Syria. We ask Luxembourg, Saudi Arabia, Iraq Egypt and France if they want to help us Vanquish ISIS by making a run on the Capitol of Syria[Mod response needed]We then prepare our rocket to take off to the moon and begin building a 12 man space craft called the Neptune it should be ready in 4 years to take off to mars. We also ask Saudi Arabia for a trade route[Mod response needed] and Egypt, France and Saudi Arabia to join mid Might[Mod response needed]
    • Mod Response: Saudi Arabia declines everything, Iraq cannot respond due to capitulation, the rest accept your proposals.
  • Flag of North Korea North Korea: We open our borders completely, along with our airspace, so every country, if they recognize our passports, can travel here. A president is elected, Kim Ju-ae, daughter of Kim Jong-un. The daughter presents that her father was a bad man for doing these horrible things to us, and she promises that she will rebuild this nation so that it never happens again. Her and her officials create a new constitution, which shares similarities with the United States of America's constitution, along with influence from France's Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen. We continue our space program, and began work our first satellite, which we hope to send up in Q1 2021.
  • JapanJapan: With North Korea adopting a better constitution, we release some more sanctions from them, but not releasing all of them entirely. With German tensions rising with Russia, and China vowing to support them, we announce to our people and our allies that when war comes we will back Germany up. [Player Responses Needed] We attempt to grow ASA members by inviting New Zealand, and Papua New Guinea to join the organization. [Mod Response Needed]
    • Mod Response: They both join.
    • Flag of GermanyGermany:  We thank Japan for their support.
  • US 67 star flagUnited States of America: We formally declare war on ISIS, after capitulating the Iraqi government. We send 67000 troops to Iraq via our ally Kuwait. [Mod Response on what they do] We ask to buy Greenland from Scandinavia, and ask Iceland to join us, and they shall both automatically become states. [Mod/Player Response Required] We begin improving the quality of life in Liberia, building infrastructure and pressuring cocoa producing companies to raise wages for Liberians. President Paul Ryan is leading in the early voting polls for re-election.
    • Flag of Sweden Scandinavia: We want to keep the eastern half of Greenland, due to a chance of gold being found there, but we give the western half to the US for free.
      • US Response: We ask to buy Eastern Greenland for 2.5 trillion dollars.1/10th of our GDP
    • Mod Response: The Icelandic people did a referendum, on which 37% of Icelandics voted to merger with the US, 41% voted to remaim sovereign, and 22% voted to join Scandinavia.

Q4 2020

Borders change as the United States grows in territory, and ISIS is being bombarded by multiple nations. North Korea changes even further and tensions in Eurasia increase as nations side with Germany. War seems inevitable.

  • Flag of GermanyGermany: We develop lunar farming technology, and upgrade oxygen filters to become more efficient and utilize lunar ice. We have located a nice colony area on the Sea of Tranquility. Research begins on the long term effects of microgravity. We plan to launch colony components to the Moon via our space station. We increase usage of clean energy and shut down several coal power plants. We try to maintain reltaions with Russia as we don't want a full scale war yet. Demonstrations in Berlin are getting more severe. We screen the population for suitable colonists. Reformation of education begins, implementing computer sciences, astronomy, biochemistry and physics as ideal subjects. We ask to increase relations with China, Japan, Sweden and Poland, as well as a joint space program. [Response Needed For All] [Secret] We ask Poland if they can allow our troops transit if war with Russia breaks out. [Mod Response Needed] [End Secret] 
  • US 67 star flagUnited States of America: We ask to buy The Cayman Islands and The British Virgin Isles from The UK. [Mod Response Required] We invade Haiti as many politicians in Congress have begun a "Second Manifest Destiny" which is based off of the complete control over North America. We begin increasing troops on the border between Mexico and us due to recent events such as a Mexican Army company crossing the border after a cartel official and almost killing several American citizens. We issue an ultimatum to Haiti. Join Us, and not face bloodshed, or your entire army shall be obliterated along with Port Au-Prince, your capital [Mod Response Required]