Enter your country and the country you want to battle, then put your 3 number combination besides your county's name, then enter the site above, then know the value of your combinations then place it in your slot

  • Note you cannot use the same combinations twice
  • Army size is 10 percent of your over all power index eg. 50,000,000 = 500,000
  • only attackers can gain territory,(so make the first move),defenders cannot take territory
  • both attackers and defenders have only one turn each day if your attacked, you must wait for 1 turn to retaliate
  • No Repeating numbers like 500 or 700 must be a 3 number combination
  • you can only attack territory adjacent to yours (you cannot attack a Chinese province if your in America)
  • the number of troops engage in a battle is -1.000 of the overall value of their number combination eg. 40,000,000 = 40,000 troops
  • casualties is calculated at 1/3 of the army(victorious) and 1/2 of the army(defeated)
  • your fleet's number is 00.1 percent of your over all power eg.50,000,000 = 5 fleets if one of your fleet is destroyed in battle you must wait 5 turns before it is totally repaired and put back in service
  • if you formally declare war on each other you will have your own section like the Battle of Tennessee section
  • one aerial carrier adds 10,000,000 to your battle points
  • if a country is conquered a nations goes to partisan fight mode 10 guerrilla wins liberate the conquered nation so players don't quit when your country is conquered
  • a player has 2 turns to respond to a battle challenge by another player, failing to do so forfeit the battle to the challenger
  • you cannot withdraw from battle after 24 hours

Ranking Edit

troops Edit


Communist Soldiers (quantity=10,000/1 crack division) cost 1 turn adds 1,000,000 battle points

Owned by (players):


coalition soldiers (quantity=10,000/1 crack division) cost 1 turn adds 1,000,000 battle points

owned by (players)

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Shop till u drop

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Shop Edit

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Order Edit


God of war

(God of War)

(increase battle points by 30,000,000) cost= 30 turns

God of warfare00:42

God of warfare

owned by (players)

Order Edit


(Skynet defense system) Future

(lessen enemy battle points by 20,000,000) cost= 20 turns

Skynet defense grid04:06

Skynet defense grid

owned by (players)

Order Edit


Aerial Carrier

(adds 10,000,000 battle points) cost= 10 turns 

Aireal carrier02:01

Aireal carrier

owned by (players)

Order Edit

Brainiac ashima

Master Brainiac Ashima (abilities:mass mind control)

(adds 5,000,000 battle points) cost= 5 turns



owned by (players)

Order Edit


Pyro (abilities:Controls fire)

(adds 2,000,000 battle points) cost= 2 turns



owned by (players)

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