Battle of Vancouver (Spydro)
US troops
Date November 30, 2017 - December 20, 2017
Location Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Result Battle ends with ceasefire. Relationship has approved upon Canada-United States. Stephen Harper outed as Prime Minister.
Flag of Canada Canada
  • Canadian Army
Flag of USA United States
  • US Army
Stephen Harper
(Prime Minister)
Hilliary Clinton
30,000 troops

130 tanks
(extra 300 available) 40 aircraft

36,000 troops

450 tanks
170 aircraft

Casualties and losses
120 troops

20 tanks
6 aircraft

67 Civilians

60 troops

10 tanks
2 aircraft

34 Civilians

The Battle of Vancouver, also known as the Canada-United States Border War, was a brief armed conflict that took place in Vancouver, Canada from November 30th, 2017 to December 20, 2017. The battle was between Canada and United States.

The war began when a United States mortar misfired and hit the City of Vancouver, killing 40 on November 24th. The Canadian Army responded by firing a mortar in towards the US. Soon after, the United States Government began position troops near the US-Canada border. On November 30th, the United States Armed Forces attacked Vancouver. The battle lasted 20 days with limited casualties on both sides.

After the battle the Prime Minister of Canada, Stephen Harper, was ousted from the Parliament and tried for war crimes. Prosecutors have accused the former prime minister of unnecessary aggression towards the United States, thus started the battle. He was also accuses of using the conflicts as his own political gain, such has oil reserves and native land grab. Stephen Harper was sentence to 300 years of prison time without parole.

The Battle of Vancouver has the marked the first time since 1812, that the United States attacked and invaded Canada. All relationship between the United States and Canada had been restored and has been better then ever.

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