Battle of Toronto Island (Western Collapse)
Part of the Toronto War
Date June 18, 2027
Location Toronto Island, Toronto, Ontario
  • Canadian victory
  • UCI withdrawal from Toronto Island
Flag of CanadaCanada
  • Flag of CanadaCanadian Army
  • Flag of CanadaRoyal Canadian Navy
Islamic OntarioUnion of Canadian Islamists
Flag of CanadaDerek Johnstone Islamic OntarioMuhammad Al Nisar
75 ground forces, 1 destroyer 110 ground forces
Casualties and losses
3 26

The Battle of Ontario was a battle in the Toronto War which took place on June 18, 2027 when the Union of Canadian Islamists (UCI) launched an invasion of Toronto Island. It was the only time in the war that saw involvement of the Royal Canadian Navy as the HMCS Iroquois, a Canadian destroyer launched two attacks on the advancing UCI forces. The battle resulted in a Canadian victory.

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