The Battle of Thitu Island is a battle fought in the Thitu Island between the People's Republic of China and the Republic of the Philippines. The Chinese have ambitions on retaking the Thitu Island from the Philippines to further assert its sovereignty in the South China Sea. The battle ended in a Chinese victory.


The Philippines occupied Thitu Island since the 1970s. A civilian community was established some years later. China claimed the island as part of its territory. Tensions rose in early 2016 when a group of Filipino protesters sailed to Thitu Island to protest China's reclamation activities.


The Chinese deployed 6,000 troops to the Spratly Islands. Some 1,000 men are assigned in invading the Thitu Island. The Philippines was alarmed by this and starts evacuating civilians out of the island. The Philippine military sent 500 men to defend the island at all costs. The Thitu Island is the last island in the Spratly Islands that Philippines holds. The Filipino soldiers are ordered not to surrender to the enemy.

The Battle

On 8:30 am of July 7, 2016, the Chinese invaded the island. They are met with heavy resistance from the Filipino forces. Despite the resistance, the Chinese eventually entered the island. Filipinos retreated to their bunkers. Heavy fighting occurred for 5 hours. On 1:46 pm, the Filipino troops was defeated by the Chinese forces.


All 500 Filipino troops sent in the island are killed. The Chinese troops suffered 567 troops killed and 205 troops wounded.