Golden Battle


Xi'Eya-Human War


Battle of New South Wales & Queensland

Battle of Sydney


November 4th, 2017 - November 6th, 2017


Flag of Australia Sydney, Australia [1]


Human victory

  • The Xi'Eya pushed back from Syndey
  • The battle for New South Wales and Queensland begins
  • Human morale at an all-time high

UFE United Federation of Earth

Xi'Eya Xi'Eya Empire


UFE Hillary Clinton
UFE Narendra Modi
UFE Robert French

Xi'Eya Za'ah Uybsr / Za'arn Yybsr Xi'Eya Jyllis Mi'v †


UFE 1,080,500

Xi'Eya 98,750

  • 221,060 killed or captured
  • 322 naval destroyers
  • 33 battle aircraft
  • 98,602 killed or captured
  • 122 small warships
  • 1 big battleship
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The Battle of Sydney was part of the Invasion of Earth by the Xi'Eya. It ended in a human victory, with New South Wales becoming liberated by the Federation Forces.


  1. Please note that Australia was already incorporated into the global federation by the time this battle took place.