Battle of Spain
Part of World War 3
Date Apr. 7, 2021 - Apr. 23, 2021
Location Spain
Result All of Iberia is annexed by Germany
Germany absorbs Spain and Portugal

Flag of Germany Germany


Flag of Spain Spain

Flag of Germany Dominik Müller
Flag of Spain Mariano Rajoy Brey
Flag of Germany 100,000
Flag of Spain 15,000
Casualties and losses
Flag of Germany 3,000
Flag of Spain 13,000


The Battle of Spain was initiated by the Spanish declaration of support for Russia. A threat so close to Germany could prove devastating, so Germany invaded and annexed Iberia to avoid these potential problems. This invasion occurred at the same time as that of Poland, Turkey, and Egypt.


April 2021

  • Apr. 5: Spain announces its support of the Russian war effort, but does not join the Axis Coalition.
  • Apr. 6: Dominik Müller delivers a speech and announces that a threat so close to home cannot be tolerated and declares war on Spain. He also announces that the German government is tripling its funding of military research. Later in the same speech, he emotionally vows to protect his people his Putin's lunacy and to stop the destructive forces of the Axis Coalition.
  • Apr. 7: Germany invades Cataluna, Aragòn, and Navarra.
  • Apr. 8: The Germans capture all 3 of these territories and devastate the small Spanish military.
  • Apr. 9: Germany captures the northern half of Iberia.
  • Apr. 11: Madrid falls into German control.
  • Apr. 16: Germany reaches the southernmost point of Spain.
  • Apr. 17: Dominik Müller renames the German air force "Luftwaffe" as it had been in World War II.
  • Apr. 18: Russia bombs Berlin and destroys several historic buildings. Belgium and the Netherlands request to be absorbed by Germany.
  • Apr. 19: The Germans fully occupy Spain and force the Spanish into a draft. German rockets bomb Minsk.
  • Apr. 23: Iberia is annexed by Germany. Putin refers to Dominik Müller as "Dominik Hitler" in a speech. The war tensions reach a fever pitch in Europe. Belgium and the Netherlands become a part of Germany.

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