New York on Fire by SATTISH

New York 2043

The Battle of New York was the most fatal battle in the Great Purge between the CPAA, American rebels, and what remained of the U.S Army. An estimated 6 million people died in the conflicts, and skirmishes that were spawned in New York.


In early 2036 when Captain America the 1st sent the CPAA to eliminate threats many fled to New Jersey or Vermont. Many U.S. military personnel flocked to New York to prevent it from falling to the UAE. Captain America sent General Bryan to New York in 2038 to break up the resistance that was gathering.

Many rebels travelled to New York to keep it in U.S. hands. As time passed the CPAA lost ground, and people. The U.S. army, and rebels pushed the CPAA to the border of New York City. Captain America the 2nd visited the troops to boost morale, and help them gain the upper foot in New York. The death toll in 2038 was a little under 1 million. 

CPAA Advance

In 2038 General Bryan arrived in New York with the orders to finish the battle once and for all. He convinced Captain America to let him use recently created military tanks, helicopters, and weapons against the rebels. He was known as General Death, because it was known that he didn't start a day without killing a prisoner. In late 2038 the tide turned in favor of the CPAA, and Bryan. They easily pushed back into the city, and met fierce resistance from the rebels.

In mid 2039 the stalemate broke, and the CPAA pushed further into the city destroying almost everything. By late 2040 the death toll was around 3 million. The U.S. military rebels were running out of weapons, ammunition, and soldiers. In battle the U.S. personnel were killed first, or taken prisoner. In mid 2042 the entire population of NYC revolted against the CPAA, due to the death of Dodge Robinson. An estimated 20,000 people died in the battle that followed.

2043: An Interesting Year

In early 2043 the CPAA had pushed into downtown forcing the rebels to retreat into the buildings, where Bryan ordered for artillery to shoot the buildings down. Captain America the 1st and 2nd visited New York, and held events to rally support from the refugees that had escaped from downtown, and midtown to join the CPAA, or donate money to them.

In mid 2043 the rebels held less than 2% of New York, and had less than 350,000 men left, compared to the CPAA whose base had over 1 million just in New York. The rebel leader appeared before the UAE Parliament, and asked for a vote to accept his surrender. The Parliament ultimately voted no, and the rebel leader returned to New York to fight.

In November 2043 General Bryan was assassinated on his way to the destroyed U.N. building to appear before Captain America's Cabinet to discuss his involvement in the killings at Ginny Springs in Florida. His funeral was held 3 days later in Washington D.C. Captain America the 1st took command of the CPAA forces in New York.

End, and Legacy

Captain America ended the battle in mid 2044 a few months before the official end of the Great Purge.

The Battle of New York was the battle with the highest death toll. Many opponents of the America family repeatedly bring up New York when talking about Human Rights, or the Great Purge. 

Foreign tourism is banned from visiting New York to hide the brutality of the Great Purge. Two monuments have since been erected; one being to those rebels and CPAA alike who lost their lives in the Battle of New York, and one for General Bryan.

Currently New York's land is only 17% habitable. Charity groups have raised up to $40 billion to rebuild New York.

Statue of liberty destruction by thejester26-d4312s3

The Statue of Liberty being torn down to be replaced by a statue of General Bryan.

The Statue of Liberty was torn down, and replaced by a statue of General Bryan to honor him for his duty in New York. Many were outraged by the news, but from a fear of a second Purge nobody protested.

The old U.N. building was replaced by the UAE Parliament building where they hold meetings, and voting sessions.

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