Battle of Mosul
Lion of Babylon tank
Date May 2015
Location Mosul, Iraq
Iraqi government victory
Flag of Iraq Republic of Iraq
Flag of Syria Syrian Arab Republic
ISIS flag Islamic State

Supported by:

Flag of Iraq Uthmaan Al-Amjad
Flag of Iraq Ali Ghaidan

Flag of Iraq Abboud Qanbar
Flag of Syria Issam Hallaq

ISIS flag Abu Al-Baghdadi

ISIS flag Muhammed Omar

20,000 troops, 10,000 policemen, 6 Sukhoi Su-25 fighters, 12 Lion of Babylon tanks, 8 Syrian MiG-29 fighters 10,000—13,000 militants, unknown number of tanks
Casualties and losses
4,000 killed or missing, wounded unknown, no vehicle losses 7,000 killed, vehicle losses unknown

The Battle of Mosul is a major battle of the Iraqi civil war of 2014—15. The Iraqi armed forces, aided by the Syrian Air Force, besieged the city of Mosul in northern Iraq, which has been held by the Islamic Stare since last year. The militants fought the Iraqi troops in intense close-quarters combat, though lost, taking heavy casualties. The Iraqi military combined infantry attacks with an assault by Lion of Babylon tanks, combined with air strikes from both the Iraqi and Syrian air forces. The remnants of the Islamic State fled the city and crossed the Syrian border, where they were eventually destroyed by the Syrian army.

The battle marked the end of the Iraqi civil war as a government victory. The triumph of the Iraqi army in the battle was propagandized by the prime minister who replaced Al-Maliki, Uthmaan Al-Amjad. The defeat of the Islamic State was widely viewed as his work, and thus his popularity was high among the people of Iraq. Al-Amjad made regular speeches to troops on the front line in Mosul, preaching Iraqi patriotism. The final day of the battle, in which the city was liberated, 27 May, became known as "Mosul Day" across Iraq, celebrated with military parades (by decree of Al-Amjad, to spread patriotism).

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