Battle of Mikhaylovka (SRCW)
Date June 2020
Location Mikhaylovka, Russia
Result Communist victory
Mikhaylovka and surrounding areas captured by Communists
Flag of RussiaRussian White Movement

Ukraine flagUkraine

Russian Socialist RepublicRussian Socialist Republic
Flag of RussiaVladimir Zelin †

Flag of RussiaVassily Suvorov
Ukraine flagYakiv Kyrylo

Russian Socialist RepublicNikita Miroslav
Flag of Russia40,000 troops, 20 Mi-24 Hinds

Ukraine flag25,000 troops

Russian Socialist Republic55,000 troops, 50 Su-34 fighter bombers
Casualties and losses
Flag of Russia5,400 troops, 13 Mi-24s

Ukraine flagUnknown (est. 2,700 troops)

Russian Socialist Republic3,560 troops

The Battle of Mikhaylovka was one first battles of the Second Russian Civil War, taking place in Mikhaylovka, Russia, in June 2020. It lasted about a day. The engagement was between the Red Russians and the White Russians, who were aided by Ukrainian allies. Under General Nikita Miroslav, a veteran of the 2008 South Ossetia War, the Communist forces assaulted the town, meeting fierce resistance from the defenders. Though outnumbered, Miroslav used 50 Su-34 fighter bombers, killing the White commander, General Vladimir Zelin. The Whites retreated not too long afterwards, regrouping at Frolovo.