Battle of Kazan (SRCW)
Date June 11, 2020
Location Kazan, Russia
Result White Russian victory
Kazan and surrounding area fall to the Whites
Flag of RussiaRussian White Movement Russian Socialist RepublicRussian Socialist Republic
Flag of RussiaGeneral Kazimir Samsonov Russian Socialist RepublicGeneral Alexander Kozhin †
Flag of Russia26,000 troops, 65 T-90 tanks, 35 Su-27 fighters Russian Socialist Republic17,000 troops, 45 T-80 tanks
Casualties and losses
Flag of Russia6,500 troops, unknown vehicle casualties Russian Socialist RepublicAll forces killed or missing

The Battle of Kazan was the first battle of the Second Russian Civil War, taking place in Kazan, Russia, in June 2020. It lasted about a day. The engagement was between the attacking White Army troops and the defending Red Ground Forces. Attackers numbered to 26,000 while there were 13,000 Communist defenders. Initially successful, Communist troops were pushed back over the course of the day. By evening, the remaining Communist forces scattered throughout the city, with General Alexander Kozhin's 1,200 soldiers at the Kazan Federal University. Leading a final charge, Kozhin and his men were the last to fall.

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