Battle of Earth
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Dirge energy weapon destroying Russian military instilation
Date9 January, 2019 - 1 February, 2019
Location Earth "Bloody Line"

Victory for the Human forces
Human Forces:
* Flag of the United Nations United Nations
  • Flag of the United States of America United States of America
  • 450px-Flag of Russia Russian Federation
  • Flag of Europe European Union
  • Tibet Flag Tibet
  • China People's Republic of China
Dirge Forces:
  • The Dirge and conquered planets

President Marrtin 0' Mailey

Presdent Valdmir Putin
Prime Minister David Cameron

Chairman Padma Choling

Geneal Secertary Xi Jinping

Casualties and losses
Military casualties:
>~901,454,450 dead
~203,497,600+ injured
Killed in action:
~2,430,452,254+/- dead

The Battle of Earth or Operation Uprising (9 January, 2019 - 1 February, 2019) as it was initially known by war planners, was the largest single military engagement in human history, and acted as the single most important turning point of the Human-Dirge War for humanity. Employing the collective forces of every human nation engage the combined force of the Dirge, the battle lasted for over a month, and ended with the Nulear Detioanons of Boise, Chicago, Calgary, Beijing, Bohn, Jersey, and Kiev. When the battle is over, the casualties are in the millions on both sides, but in a decisive victory for humanity.