Xi'Eya-Human War

Battle of Bucharest


August 21st, 2017 - August 26th, 2017


Flag of Romania Bucharest, Romania


Xi'Eya victory

  • Romanian and adjacent forces pushed back across the Danube
  • Xi'Eya advance fastens

UFE United Federation of Earth

Flag of Bulgaria Bulgarian Remnants

Xi'Eya Xi'Eya Empire


UFE Dacian Cioloș
UFE Mihnea Motoc †
UFE Narendra Modi
UFE Dalbir Singh Suhag

Flag of Bulgaria Nikolay Nenchev

Xi'Eya Za'ah Uybsr / Za'arn Yybsr


UFE 28,820,000

Flag of Bulgaria 6,700

Xi'Eya 102,405


UFE 22,217,797

Flag of Bulgaria 6,609

Xi'Eya 4,102

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The Battle of Bucharest was part of the Invasion of Earth by the Xi'Eya. It marked a major Xi'Eya victory, pushing the global forces across the Danube river.

Prelude Edit

After being pushed back by the aliens all the way to Bucharest, the human forces regroup and begin an assault on the Xi'Eya, hoping to halt their advance.

The Battle Edit

The battle began on August 21st, at around 23:30 UTC. The human forces, at first, were able to push through the alien offense, driving them back to as far as the Ialomița county. Human victory was seen inevitable as one point, and human morale grew ten fold. However, on the night between the 25th and the 26th, the alien forces received reinforcements, as well as orbital help, crippling the human defense and reaching Bucharest in less that ten minutes. The Federation forces tried to hold the aliens out of Bucharest as much as they could, however the Xi'Eya advance was too powerful and completely overwhelmed the human resistance at around 5:10 UTC, entering Bucharest and decimating the remaining population and military forces.

After the disaster of Bucharest, the former Romanian forces were relocated in the vicinity of Cairo, for further protection of the capital.

Aftermath Edit

Human morale dropped considerably after this severe defeat. However, giving up was not seen as an option by anyone, promising themselves that the world will be retaken, that it's rightfully ours.