Battle of Al Maya
Part of Libyan Civil War (2015—17)
Libyan forces in northwestern Libya
Libyan soldiers in Al Maya
Date 27 January 2015
Location Al Maya, northwestern Libya
Result Parliament victory
Libya Libyan parliament
  • Libyan National Army
Libya New General National Congress
  • Libya Shield Force
  • Other Islamist brigades
Libya Karam Majid Libya Abdullah Ghani
760 soldiers 870 militiamen
Casualties and losses
67 killed, 94 wounded 103 killed, 164 wounded

The Battle of Al Maya occurred on 27 January 2915, during the second civil war in Libya. Islamist forces regrouped after their defeat in the capital, Tripoli, in cities near by. One of those was a town called Al Maya, west of Tripoli. The Libyan Army advanced and engaged the Islamists there in a gun battle, taking them by surprise. The militants put up a brief resistance, holding several administrative buildings. However, by the end of the day, the town was under full army control.

After the battle, the Libyan National Army advanced a bit farther to the west, liberating the rest of the Zawiya district. Afterwards, most units there were sent southeast, to the new front.