Banahaw Broadcasting Corporation, Inc.
Type Broadcast television network
Country Philippines
Availability Worldwide
Slogan Big Beautiful Country, Media ng Bayan

Broadcast area

Owner Government of the Philippines

(Ministry of Media, Culture and Communications Group)

Launch date

November 1973 - 20 March 1986

1 May 2017 as BBC

Picture format

4:3/16:9 (576i, SDTV)

1080i HDTV

Official website
Language Filipino


The Banahaw Broadcasting Corporation (often shortened to BBC) was a Philippine television network that began operations in November 1973 and ceased transmission on 20 March 1986. It revive under Maine Mendoza administration as Two TV Station owned by the Federal Government of the Philippines PTV-4 and IBC-13 and radio network PBS (Philippine Broadcasting Service) on 1 May 2017. PTV-4 as intended for Government voice and ban commercial advertisement while IBC-13 accepts commercial advertisement and general entertainment and it has talent and workshop center for Artist and it now No.1 TV Station in the Philippines behind ABS-CBN. It was a largest network in the Philippines together with Original Big 3 are ABS-CBN, GMA, and TV5. Is the non-profit television network like BBC of UK and PBS of USA in the Philippines owned by the government. It temporary studios are located in Broadcast Complex, Visayas Avenue, Barangay Vasra, Diliman, Quezon City while the future new studios and Transmitter are located in Broadcast City, Old Balara, Capitol Hills, Diliman, Quezon City share with private-owned Radio Philippines Network, Inc. which owned by Turner Broadcasting System, Inc. Asia-Pacific, Nine Media Corporation and Far East Managers. The Broadcast City was undergo rehabilitation and renovation of the Building the New Building of Broadcast City was talled to 25 Floors and new transmitter was power output of 120 kW (5,050 kW ERP) each PTV-4 and IBC-13 have and DZRB-AM transmitter power of 50,000 watts or ERP of 150 kW in Brgy Marulas, Valenzuela City. The CNN (Turner Broadcasting System Asia-Pacific) plans to replace their Asia-Pacific headquarters in Hong Kong into repaired Broadcast City in the Philippines as new studio for CNN Philippines a local franchise of CNN in Asia-Pacific a news channel available on Free TV Channel 9. And it has digital channel on UHF Channel 42.


DWWX-TV (formerly DZAQ-TV) station owned by ABS-CBN was shut down following the declaration of Martial Law in 1972, and served as the flagship station of BBC. Roberto Benedicto, a crony of then-President Ferdinand Marcos and owner of the Kanlaon Broadcasting System, took over the ABS-CBN Broadcast Center complex on Bohol (now Sergeant Esguerra) Avenue in Quezon City after the KBS Studios along Roxas Boulevard in Pasay City (which were ironically sold to them by ABS-CBN in 1969) were destroyed by fire in June 1973, a few months before BBC went on air. [1] The new network was named the "Banahaw Broadcasting Corporation" after Mount Banahaw, a dormant volcano located in southern Luzon known for its hot springs and mystical associations.

In 1976, BBC, KBS and another Benedicto-owned network, the Intercontinental Broadcasting Corporation (which originally aired fromSan Juan del Monte), transferred to the Broadcast City compound in Old Balara, Quezon City, with the transmitter located along Panay Avenue, Quezon City, by then newly upgraded for better broadcast reception. This left Channel 4 (a frequency formerly owned by ABS-CBN and taken over by the government as Government Television in 1974) at the ABS-CBN Broadcast Center complex, then renamed MBS Broadcast Plaza (MBS being Maharlika Broadcasting System, the name that Channel 4 accquired in 1980).

By December 1973, the network also operated DYCB-TV 3 in Cebu and DYXL-TV 4 in Bacolod, both of which were also originally owned by ABS-CBN. Their call signs were also changed to DYCW-TV and DYBW-TV, respectively. The Cebu and Bacolod stations switched affiliations to GTV-4 (later the Maharlika Broadcasting System) in 1978 and reverted to their former call letters.

BBC-2 was rebranded as City 2 Television from 1980 to 1985, but reverted to BBC-2 with a different logo in its last years of broadcast. BBC-2 ended operations on 20 March 1986 at the height of the People Power Revolution along with RPN and IBC (temporarily), after reformist soldiers disabled the transmitter that was broadcasting Marcos' inauguration from Malacañang Palace.[2] Upon Corazón C. Aquino's subsequent accession to the presidency, BBC, RPN and IBC (collectively known as "Broadcast City") were sequestered and placed under the management of a Board of Administrators tasked to operate and manage its business and affairs subject to the control and supervision of Presidential Commission on Good Government.[3][4] DWWX-TV was returned to ABS-CBN on 16 July 1986, as were the Cebu and Bacolod affiliate stations.

The network became well-remembered for its trademark jingle, Big Beautiful Country, composed by José Mari Chan and sung by various OPM singers of the 70s.

Radio stations

  • DWWA 1160/1206 "For The Beautiful People" - Metro Manila. Call letters were changed to DWAN; it was later owned by Intercontinental Broadcasting Corporation and then under the management of Metropolitan Manila Development Authority. This station is currently inactive.
  • DWWK-FM/DWOK-FM 101.9 - Metro Manila. The frequency was awarded to ABS-CBN in 1986.

Revival of BBC as PTV-PBS-IBC Merger

It was established in 2017 by the merger of the two television networks owned by the government called People's Television Network and Intercontinental Broadcasting Corporation. The reason of the merger of the two television networks to improve the television for the viewers. Like it's two predecessor television networks, BBC is 100% owned by the Philippine government.

Radio and TV Channels

  • PTV-4 - focuses on its function as the government's voice, bans commercial advertisement since 1994.
  • IBC-13 -  general entertainment/sports channels due to its programming. It accepts commercial advertisement unlike sister station PTV-4.
  • PBS - Sole radio network owned by Government it has many AM and FM Stations.
  • BBC Satellite - television channel available in international broadcasting by ABS-5 Satellite Dish
  1. IBC Satellite
  2. PTV Satellite

Digital television

Digital channels

UHF Channel 42 (641.143 MHz) Transmitter power : 60 kW (1,000 kW ERP)

Channel Video Aspect PSIP Short Name Programming Note
04.01 MPEG2 16:9 PTV HD PTV
04.02 IBC HD IBC Video Library (test channel)
04.03 PTV SD1 PTV
04.04 IBC SD1 IBC
04.05 PTV SD2 PTV
04.06 IBC SD2 IBC
04.07 PTV SD3 PTV
04.08 IBC SD3 IBC
04.09 H.264 4:3 PTV 1SEG PTV One Seg 1seg
04.09 H.264 4:3 IBC 1SEG IBC One Seg 1seg

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