Baltic States Invasion (WW3)
Part of World War 3
Date Apr. 18, 2019 - Jun. 3, 2019
Location Belarus, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Kaliningrad
Result Russia annexes all of the Baltic States
Russian borders extend into eastern Europe

Flag of Russia Russia
Flag of North Korea North Korea
Flag of Vietnam Vietnam Flag of Iran Iran


Flag of Belarus Belarus
Flag of Lithuania Lithuania
Flag of Latvia Latvia
Flag of Estonia Estonia
Flag of Australia Australia
Flag of the United Kingdom Britain

Flag of Russia Vladimir Putin

Flag of Iran Hassan Rouhani

Flag of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko

Flag of Lithuania Dalia Grybauskaitė
Flag of Latvia Andris Bērzinš
Flag of Estonia Riho Terras
Flag of Australia Tony Abbott
Flag of the United Kingdom David Cameron

Flag of Russia 400,000

Flag of Iran 30,000

Flag of Belarus 20,000

Flag of Lithuania 14,600
Flag of Latvia 19,100
Flag of Estonia 24,200
Flag of Australia 60,000
Flag of the United Kingdom 70,000

Casualties and losses
Flag of Russia 107,000

Flag of Iran 13,000

Flag of Belarus 14,000

Flag of Lithuania 10,200
Flag of Latvia 12,300
Flag of Estonia 23,000
Flag of Australia 12,000
Flag of the United Kingdom 28,000


The invasion of the Baltic States was a major event during the timeline of World War 3 and took place over about a month and a half. This invasion resulted in the complete dissolution of NATO and growing tensions between European nations, giving Putin the opportunity strengthen his choke hold on western Europe and northern Asia. It began with the invasion of Belarus and ended with the surrender of Polish forces occupying Kaliningrad.


April 2019

  • Apr. 18: Putin invades Belarus with a force of 50,000 soldiers through Ukraine and western Russia. His plans to invade Kazakhstan leak to the United States, and they warn Putin not to attack or face military intervention. Most of the world's nations declare neutrality, including members of NATO due to treaty obligations. This begins to split NATO into 2 groups.
  • Apr. 20: Russians capture the city of Brest, which is along the Polish border. This alarms NATO members, as they interpret it as a threat to invade Poland. Some NATO members begin to plan to attack Russia. Others fear that this attack will lead Russia to declare war on NATO and, hoping to avoid war, threaten to leave NATO if this attack happens.
  • Apr. 21: Australian forces enter Belarus and Australia declares war on Russia. Russia bombs Brussels, leading to threats of war between NATO members and the complete dissolution of NATO that same day, leaving Russia unopposed except for the EU and Australia. Russian forces begin to struggle to defeat the Australians.
  • Apr. 28: Russians capture the city of Barysaw and begin to plan their attack on the capital city of Minsk.
  • Apr. 29: The people of Belarus overwhelmingly support Russian soldiers and even attack Australian soldiers, who they view as standing in the way of their liberation.
  • Apr. 30: Russian forces defeat the Australians in the Battle of Minsk with help from rebels and occupy the city, taking the president prisoner. The Australians leave Belarus and Russia declares war. Anti-American sentiments in Australia begin to build.

May 2019

  • May 2: The Russian government in Belarus is established.
  • May 4: Russian forces invade Latvia.
  • May 10: With little opposition, Russia occupies all of Latvia and establishes a new government in Riga, as the old government escapes to Brussels. Clinton informs the American people that she does not plan to take action, causing a dramatic drop in her approval ratings. Poland invades and occupies Kaliningrad, to the surprise of world leaders around the globe. Putin promises to punish them severely.
  • May 13: Russia invades, conquers, and annexes Estonia within 5 hours.
  • May 16: Russian forces invade Lithuania, where they are met by English troops who quickly drive them out. Russia annexes Belarus.
  • May 20: A larger Russian force returns to Lithuania and pushes through English defenses.
  • May 23: Russia captures the city of Kaunas to great strategic effect, as it allows them to surround the capitl city of Vilnius and prepare for an invasion of Kaliningrad.
  • May 27: English forces surrender and Russia captures Vilnius and annexes Latvia. Poland sends more troops to Kaliningrad to stop the Russians from gaining a stategic advantage over them in the event of s declaration of war.
  • May 28: Russia invades Kaliningrad and is halted by Polish and English forces.
  • May 30: Russians in Kaliningrad riot against English and Polish troops, and are massacred by them in what became known as the Kaliningrad Horror.

June 2019

  • June 1: Nationalist Russians join the military in vast numbers to take revenge on Poland.
  • June 3: Russians regain control of Kaliningrad and annex Lithuania. Putin meets with the leader of China and the two sign a military alliance treaty. Clinton again warns Putin to stop his advance.

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