The Automated World is a term which refers to the reformed and futuristic world of the Automated universe. The Automated World is interconnected and rich, it contains many nations, many of which were formed during the Global Automation Revolution (see Nations).

The Automated World is controlled by the GCA and it's billions of Automats which serve mankinds needs daily.

Term's History Edit

After the Global Automation Revolution, specifically in the 2030s, the term Automated World was invented and become widespread. It was quickly adapted by the GCA. The person most credited with the term is Professor L.J. Tarkins, a Harvard University professor of anthropology. Although some people debate Tarkins' authorship and claim that it either High School science teacher Amanda Moore, Indiana Politician Chris Roy, or an unnamed but real Judge of a Washington State town.

The term began to be taught in the ELA classes of many schools in the 2040s. In 2043 the organization known as P&TFL&RE (Parents & Teachers For Logical & Rational Education) protested the teaching of certain terms, including Automated World, the rationale was that these terms (and Automated World) were unuseful for their children's participation and functionality in society in the future.

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