Automated is the name of a indevelopment story me am writing (10/10 Grammar - IGN) currently. It takes place in the near future (2056) where the world had been entirely automated, robots are everywhere and humans are living in a technological utopia. Besides the utopia everyone seemingly lives in there is a sinsiter side to it, that comes in the form of the GCA, or Global Council of Automats, a massive organization which is made up of the leading Automats (robots) of each field of interest (transportation, weapons, real estate, etc.) and thousands of other Automats who are executives or nobodies. In simplicity, the GCA has tooken unquestionable control over the world by totally automating the world.

The main character, Zachary, after surviving a Core Meltdown is contacted by The Luddites (an anti-automation militant group) via his Luddite friend Chris, from that point Zachary enters a spree of anti-automation activities and prepares to start a new revolution.

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