Australian Nationalist Party
ANP Logo
Leader John Howard III
President Ryan Beazley
Deputy Leader Sean Hauskeller
Founded 12 September 2033
Headquarters Saleam House

40 Curroung St
Reid ACT 2612

Youth wing Nationalist Youth
Ideology Nationalism,
Third Positionism,
Political position Right-wing to Far-right
Colours Brown
House of Representatives HoR Count (ANP)
Senate Senate Count (ANP)
Politics of Australia


The Australian Nationalist Party (also ANP and Nationalists) is an Australian nationalist political party. A minor federal party with branches in the seven states and Capital Territory, the ANP forms the government in Queensland, as well as being the opposition party in Western Australia.

A Minority party, the Nationalist constitution states that the party is founded on the ideologies of "Australian nationalism, populism and the third position". Traditionally, the party members are politically labelled right-wing, or far-right, and support a strong, technologically progressive nation, whilst simultaneously supporting the growth of "social conservatism" and the cessation/regulation of immigration.