Australian federal election, 2100

209714 September 2100 2103

All 170 seats in the Australian House of Representatives

and all 40 seats in the Australian Senate 

First party Second party Third party
Luke Hartsuyker
Guusje ter Horst
Gerry Adams
Leader Hamish Whitlam Tahlia Hanigan Howard Ruwolt
Party Labor Democratic/Progressive Coalition Australian Nationalist
Leader since 28 November 2099 22 October 2095 16 July 2094
Leader's seat Hodgman Parramatta Kennedy
Last election 74 seats 74 seats 18 seats
Seats won 88 seats 59 seats 15 seats
Seat change +14 -15 -3
Popular vote 8,213,427 7,306,804 3,217,672

federal election held to determine the members of the 2100-2103 took place on 14 September 2100. The incumbent Democratic/Progressive coalition was defeated by the centre-left Labor party, led by Hamish Whitlam.

Following the long declining popularity of the incumbent government, which had only held onto power through the Nationalist party, Labor saw to its first electoral victory in 64 years, led by the 38 year old Hamish Whitlam (direct descendant of former Prime Minister Gough Whitlam), who campaigned vigorously on nationalisation of a number of industries (including banks), and the push against further privatisation of hospitals, as proposed by Tahlia Hanigan.

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