Australian federal election, 2097

209414 September 2097 2100

All 168 seats in the Australian House of Representatives

and all 40 seats in the Australian Senate 

First party Second party Third party
Guusje ter Horst
Gerry Adams
Leader Tahlia Hanigan Zachary Lynton Howard Ruwolt
Party Democratic/Progressive Coalition Labor Australian Nationalist
Leader since 22 October 2095 25 April 2088 16 July 2094
Leader's seat Wyatt Parramatta Kennedy
Last election 80 seats 77 seats 8 seats
Seats won 74 seats 74 seats 18 seats
Seat change -6 -3 +10
Popular vote 7,391,278 7,392,181 3,377,045

The 2097 Australian Federal Election was a parliamentary election staged to determine the members of the 2097-2100 parliament, and was won by the incumbent Democratic/Progressive coalition, led by Tahlia Hanigan.

Held almost two years following the assassination of Jackson O'Meara, the Coalition was forced by the Nationalists to elect the unpopular Tahlia Hanigan as leader of the Democratic party to retain their confidence in the government.

As a result, the Nationalists saw a large up sweep in upper and lower house seats, as well as ensuring that the Coalition and Labor parties be forced into a hung parliament (the first in 60 years). As a result, the Coalition was forced to maintain Hanigan as their leader, if only to ensure the Nationalist confidence and supply.

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