Australian federal election, 2094

209111 September 2094 2097

All 168 seats in the Australian House of Representatives

and all 40 seats in the Australian Senate 

First party Second party Third party
Bogdan Klich
Gerry Adams
Leader Jackson O'Meara Zachary Lynton Howard Ruwolt
Party Democratic/Progressive Coalition Labor Australian Nationalist
Leader since 15 February 2091 25 April 2088 16 July 2094
Leader's seat Port Adelaide Parramatta Kennedy
Last election 82 seats 72 seats 5 seats
Seats won 80 seats 77 seats 8 seats
Seat change -2 +5 +3
Popular vote 7,286,847 7,229,443 3,120,969

An election took place on 11 September 2094 to determine the members of the 2094-2097 Australian Parliament. The incumbent Democratic/Progressive Coalition remained in power, but relied on Nationalist and independent support to remain in government.

Taking place in the shadow of Australia's first manned moon landing (the sixth nation to undergo such a feet), and the reformation of the Senate after twenty-seven years of unicameral government, the O'Meara governments reforms were slowly becoming unpopular, and the September results continued the government's trend of losing seats, especially to the Lynton-led opposition, whose popular calls to nationalise certain industries found support among many in the middle-class.