Australian federal election, 2091

20888 September 2091 2094

All 168 seats in the Australian House of Representatives
First party Second party Third party
Bogdan Klich
John Banks
Leader Jackson O'Meara Zachary Lynton James Packer
Party Democratic/Progressive Coalition Labor Australian Nationalist
Leader since 15 February 2091 25 April 2088 28 August 2083
Leader's seat Port Adelaide Parramatta Fairfax
Last election 86 seats 65 seats 9 seats
Seats won 82 seats 72 seats 5 seats
Seat change -4 +7 -4
Popular vote 7,329,007 6,925,531 2,844,102

The 2091 Australian Federal Election was a parliamentary election that took place on 8 September 2091, and was won by the incumbent Democratic/Progressive Coalition, now led by Jackson O'Meara.

Following the resignation of Howard Knights in February 2091, Jackson O'Meara of the "Democratic Left" faction of the coalition was elected leader, promising the return Australia to a "pre-Nationalist era", including reinstating the senate. With his parties place in the polls regained following the disastrous second Knights government, O'Meara and the coalition stayed in power with a 10 seat majority over the Labor opposition.