Australian federal election, 2088

208511 September 2088 2091

All 166 seats in the Australian House of Representatives
First party Second party Third party
David McAllister
John Banks
Leader David Ballard Zachary Lynton James Packer
Party Democratic/Progressive Coalition Labor Australian Nationalist
Leader since 9 March 2086 25 April 2088 28 August 2083
Leader's seat Calwell (lost seat) Parramatta Fairfax
Last election 98 seats 41 seats 22 seats
Seats won 86 seats 65 seats 9 seats
Seat change -12 +14 -13
Popular vote 7,621,506 6,338,244 3,326,099

The 2088 Australian Federal Election was a parliamentary election held on 11 September 2088, set to determine the Australian parliament for 2088-2091, and was won by the centre Democratic/Progressive Coalition, albeit with a smaller majority.

Held under a fast growing economy and the "Democratic Revolution", it saw the incumbent party fall in its majority, despite its overall popularity. Whilst a number of factors are to blame, it appeared the unpopular David Ballard was the leading cause in this shift of seats. Ultimately, Ballard became the first Prime Minister to win an election, but lose his seat, and as a result, the Democrats voted Howard Knights back in as their leader on the day of the parliamentary oaths of office.