Australian federal election, 2085

20828 September 2085 2088

All 166 seats in the Australian House of Representatives
First party Second party Third party
Carwyn Jones
Gordon Copeland
John Banks
Leader Logan Macdowell Peter Barton James Packer
Party Progressive/Democratic Coalition Labor Australian Nationalist
Leader since 17 May 2074 20 August 2080 28 August 2083
Leader's seat Burke Page Fairfax
Last election 75 seats 55 seats 31 seats
Seats won 98 seats 41 seats 22 seats
Seat change +23 -14 -9
Popular vote 8,415,702 6,119,231 3,116,255

A Federal Election was held on 8 September to determine the members of the 70th Australian Parliament. The incumbent Progressive/Democratic Coalition won against the opposition Labor and Australian Nationalist party, increasing their majority by 23 seats.

Prior to the election, the Democratic Party voted to remove Howard Knights from power, and replace him with the 75 year old Jordan McInnes as per a deal to intice 10 Labor members to defect. However, his advanced age and poor health left him unelectable, and as a result, Logan Macdowell, leader of the smaller party within the Coalition was chosen as Prime Minister until McInnes resigned his position following a stroke in 2086, and the election of David Ballard as leader of the Democratic party.

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