Australian federal election, 2082

207912 September 2082 2085

All 166 seats in the Australian House of Representatives
First party Second party Third party
Gordon Copeland
Russell Yancy Brown
Leader Howard Knights Peter Barton Russell Brown
Party Democratic/Progressive Coalition Labor Australian Nationalist
Leader since 1 January 2074 20 August 2080 15 November 2076
Leader's seat Hunter Page Curtin
Last election 53 seats 46 seats 55 seats
Seats won 75 seats 55 seats 31 seats
Seat change +22 +9 -24
Popular vote 7,621,506 6,338,244 3,326,099

The 2082 Australian Federal election was held on 12 September 2082, set to determine the members of the 2082-2085 Australian parliament. The election was won by the 8 year Opposition Leader Howard Knights and his Democratic/Progressive Coalition.

For the first time in 42 years, Australia elected a non-Australian Nationalist government, the party that ruled the nation for over four decades having fallen in the polls due to leaked records of corruption from the Burges-era, as well as their handling over the oil depression.

Ultimately, they exchanged enough seats within the House of Representatives to see that the ANP fall not just out of government, but saw Labor become the Leaders of the Opposition, the first time since 2038.