Australian federal election, 2079

20769 September 2079 2082

All 164 seats in the Australian House of Representatives
First party Second party Third party
Russell Yancy Brown
Gro Harlem Brundtland
Leader Russell Brown Howard Knights Amy Pelt
Party Australian Nationalist Democratic/Progressive Coalition Labor
Leader since 15 November 2076 1 January 2074 13 December 2069
Leader's seat Curtin Hunter Casey
Last election 66 seats 45 seats 44 seats
Seats won 55 seats 53 seats 46 seats
Seat change -11 +8 +2
Popular vote 7,226,925 7,203,188 2,350,053

The 2079 Australian Federal Election was a parliamentary election that took place on 9 September 2079, and was won by the incumbent Australian Nationalist party, led by the new leader, Russel Brown, following the death of Andrew Burges.

As a result of Burges' death in 2076, Russel Brown, the then Deputy Prime Minister, was selected as the clear successor to the former leader. However, his handeling of the Oil Depression, and the failure of a number of reforms to "open" the economy, resulted in the first major economic collapse in the nation since the late-2050's. However, a more successful election campaign managed to break even with the opposition, resulting in a 2 seat "majority" over the opposition.