Australian federal election, 2067

206410 September 2067 2070

All 162 seats in the Australian House of Representatives
First party Second party Third party
Andrew Burges (The Realignment)
Tucker Carlson Gage Skidmore
Geoff Wilson
Leader Andrew Burges Donald Turnbull Earnst McKinney
Party Australian Nationalist Democratic/Progressive Coalition Labor
Leader since 29 January 2037 30 March 2065 21 July 2066
Leader's seat Cowper Hawke Wide Bay
Last election 71 seats 71 seats 17 seats
Seats won 81 seats 64 seats 12 seats
Seat change +10 -7 -5
Popular vote 7,484,386 7,156,585 1,564,365

An Australian Federal Election was held on 10 September 2067, and was won by the 27 year incumbent Australian Nationalist party against the Democratic/Progressive coalition opposition, and the minor Labor Party.

Following the resignation of Anthony Shortland in 2065, Donald Turnbull was once again elected the head of the Democratic party, reforming the coalition with the Progressive party. However, what was expected to be an easy election win turned into a loss for the coalition, as Burges and the Nationalists regained the polls following the surprise success of the first Australian space flight in early-August.