Australian federal election, 2064

206222 March 2064 2067

All 162 seats in the Australian House of Representatives

and all 96 seats in the Australian Senate 

First party Second party
Andrew Burges (The Realignment)
Jim McGovern
Leader Andrew Burges Anthony Shortland
Party Australian Nationalist Democratic
Leader since 29 January 2037 16 May 2062
Leader's seat Cowper Bass
Last election 63 seats 40 seats
Seats won 71 seats 42 seats
Seat change +8 +2
Popular vote 6,714,955 6,001,069

Third party Fourth party
Lawrence Springborg
Tony Crook
Leader Mark Yabsley Rob Corman
Party Progressive Labor
Leader since 10 February 2053 16 March 2064
Leader's seat Abbott Tangney
Last election 25 seats 10 seats
Seats won 29 seats 17 seats
Seat change +4 +7
Popular vote 2,385,527 1,798,063

The 2064 Australian Federal Election were held in Australia on 22 March 2064, and was the result of a dissolution election called by President Malcolm King which was ultimately won by the 21 year incumbent, Andrew Burges and the Australian Nationalist party.

Considered one of the most contentious elections in Australian history, taking place following a controversial decision to dissolve parliament following a block of supply by the Senate. Foregrounded during a year of national crisis in which riots, protests, personal rivalries and party disputes played host to an upheaval of the pre-election peacetime, which peaked following the assassination of the House Labor leader, Mackenzie Van Houte on 16 March, and the international riots on 20 March.

Ultimately, all parties within the House of Representatives won seats at the expense of other party members, or independents, and saw a reshuffling of the Senate, in which a Nationalist majority was returned. 

As a result of the disastrous events during the election, and the blocking of the Senate, Burges would see to it that the Senate would be disbanded, an act that out come ahead following the 2067 Senate Referendum, in which a majority of Australians (as well as a majority of States) voted to abolish the upper house following a lengthy, costly (and possibly fraudulent) campaign by the Nationalists.

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