Australian federal election, 2056

20539 September 2056 2059

All 162 seats in the Australian House of Representatives

and all 76 seats in the Australian Senate 

First party Second party Third party
Andrew Burges (The Realignment)
Tucker Carlson Gage Skidmore
Kurt Schrader
Leader Andrew Burges Donald Turnbull Arthur Dunne
Party Australian Nationalist Democratic/Progressive coalition New Australia
Leader since 29 January 2037 (2013-06-26) 24 June 2052 (2009-12-01) 8 March 2056
Leader's seat Cowper Hawke Reid
Last election 107 seats 38 seats 10 seats
Seats won 74 seats 52 seats 22 seats
Seat change -33 +14 +12
Popular vote 7,338,020 7,029,618 2,132,651

The 2056 Australian Federal Election was a parliamentary election that took place on the 9 September 2056 to decide the members of parliament for 2056-2059. Contested in the midst of a national economic collapse, it saw the incumbent Nationalist party fall to its lowest amount of seats in over a decade, whilst also seeing the opposition Democratic/Progressive coalition rise to its highest amount of seats in its history.

The breakaway New Australia party (founded in opposition to Andrew Burges' economic policy) led by the former Nationalist Deputy Arthur Dunne, experienced a similar rise in seats, all at the expense of the Nationalists.