Australian federal election, 2048

204519 September 2048 2050

All 160 seats in the Australian House of Representatives

and all 76 seats in the Australian Senate

First party Second party
Andrew Burges (The Realignment)
Walter Keyes
Leader Andrew Burges Walter Keyes
Party Australian Nationalist Democratic
Leader since 29 January 2037 (2013-06-26) 19 May 2043 (2009-12-01)
Leader's seat Cowper Howard
Last election 83 seats 8 seats
Seats won 93 seats 47 seats
Seat change +10 +39
Popular vote 8,807,014 5,950,931

The 2048 Australian Federal Election was a parliamentary election that took place on Saturday, 19 September 2048. Commonly called a "realigning election" by many political observers, it was won by the Andrew Burges-led Australian Nationalist Party (ANP) against the new opposition Australian Democratic Party (ADP), led by Walter Keyes. 

The election was the first to operate under the new double dissolution system, in which all seats in both the upper and lowers houses were up for election. According to documents released in 2044, this system was instituted by the Nationalists of the time to allow for greater gains in the Senate during an election. However, following the unprecedented rise of the ADP, a more centrist offshoot of the Liberal National Party, many Nationalist seats were lost in the upper house; the ANP having to rely on right-wing independents to pass legislation.

Meanwhile in the House of Representatives, Walter Keyes and the Democrats managed to secure a large portion of the distribution of seats, swaying voters away from the more "extreme" left and right wing parties; the Labor and Liberal National parties respectively.