Australian federal election, 2045

20425 August 2045 2048

All 160 seats in the Australian House of Representatives

and 40 (of the 76) seats in the Australian Senate

First party Second party Third party
Andrew Burges (The Realignment)
Wyatt Roy
Carey Ganton
Leader Andrew Burges Wyatt Roy Carey Ganton
Party Australian Nationalist Liberal National Labor
Leader since 29 January 2037 (2013-06-26) 12 March 2042 (2009-12-01) 6 October 2039
Leader's seat Cowper Fisher Benalla (lost seat)
Last election 58 seats 49 seats 36 seats
Seats won 83 seats 34 seats 17 seats
Seat change +25 -15 -19
Popular vote 7,125,279 6,279,031 1,488,093

Federal Election took place on 5 August 2045 to decide the members of the Australian Parliament for 2045-2048. The election saw the incumbent Australian Nationalists Party return to government, albeit with a larger majority in both the House of Representatives and Senate.

The election saw a massive swing in popularity for the Nationalists following their successfully steered the nation away from economic collapse that many of the world's countries saw during the decade, as well as popular measures to stop illegal immigration.

Burges would go onto use his absolute majorities in the House and Senate to pass what many observes called a "neo-Ehite Australia" law, similar to those of the early 20th century (limiting immigration to the nation to North America and Europe).